Here’s The Shocking Reason Why Our Cars Have Horns And It’s Not Because We Want To Show That We’re Angry.


Car horns have been around since the 20th century and they exist until today not to function as a device that shows the fury of a driver (which apparently, is the only thing most of us think they’re good for) but to signal and warn oncoming vehicles and pedestrians that a vehicle is approaching. It’s also used to call attention to hazardous road situations that probably other drivers do not notice.


So you see, our cars actually have horns for a more civilized and helpful matter! We actually need to honk before a circumstance happens- Not after it has already happened like when another crazy driver cuts you without signalling and you start slamming on your horn like mad and on a more extreme level, proceeding to flash your highlight at them (admit it, you’ve done it before). So the right way to do it is to honk before such thing actually happens. Makes sense?

Alright, here’s an example. If you’ve travelled to countries with poor road systems or super narrow streets such as Bali, Egypt and India, you’ll notice that their streets have vehicles that constantly honk, sometimes for no apparent reason. Well, unlike the reckless angry drivers that we are, they’re actually using their car horns for the right reasons- Giving a few short honks when they’re about to pass junctions to warn oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to be wary of them approaching. They also honk their horns on very busy streets so that pedestrians will make way for them and everyone seems to be pretty chill about it too, “Oh, oncoming car. Let’s make way,” and proceeds to waddle across the street. Honking their car horns is like a way of life. You’ll literally hear honking every 10 seconds!


Besides that, smaller vehicles need to honk their horns so that much bigger vehicles like buses don’t accidentally squash them. Two wheelers such as motorcycles especially need to honk if they want to survive in the busy streets of India. So, there you have it! Looks like we have serious anger issues we really need to sort out. “Can I get a toot toot? Can I get a beep beep?”- R. Kelly.

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