Here’s the main reason why you are not saving as much as you actually can


We are always working towards something big, something grand that can satisfy our desire for the materialistic. For those who are always constantly working towards a big goal, don’t you find saving a necessity? Saving and being frugal are practices and value worth extolling, but sometimes, when we look at our bank account, alamak, how come we aren’t saving as much? Well, here some advice. Saving starts small.

Little steps add up to something big. Saving small, and starting with the littlest things that you spend money on can help you win big. For example, how about saving that $1.20 by not ordering teh bing at the coffee shop after your lunch?

Do the math. We know people hate math, so here are some simple calculations we have done for you. Assuming a 30 day month, and you order your usual $1.20 teh bing when you have your meals outside, let’s say during work. Assuming a five day work week – you drink 22 cups of teh bing (which is a shit load of sugar – all the more you should stop, by the way) in a month and spend $26.40.

If you continue this lifestyle for a year, you’d have spend $316.80. Well, what can $396 buy you? 80 plates of chicken rice. A decent bag. 1 Ipod nano with change to spare.

Basically, this strategy eliminates your current wants by making you work towards a long term want. Note that for necessities, you bo bian really have to buy; but really, at every check out counter, ask yourself “Do you NEED this?”

Another step in saving small to win big is to start dusting off your trusted piggy bank you have discarded since primary school. Piggy banks are ideal for loose coins – these are the coins that you’ll use when you fish them out of your pocket for an extra kopi-o at the hawker centre. If you were to save that few cents or dollars every day, you’ll get a bigger satisfaction by the end of the year or two!

Note that these strategies are tests of patience and resistance against temptations. They might not be ways to earn quick cash, but working towards a goal requires one to take baby steps. You can start on these strategies anytime. Start NOW.

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