Here’s the reason why sometimes, your fart is as smelly as rotten eggs

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One of the biggest mysteries in the world is this: why is it that sometimes, your fart smells like eggs that have been placed in a room for centuries, while sometimes, you can’t smell anything?

Well, if this question has been haunting you for years (I seriously hope not), or that you’ll like to place the blame on someone else when you’re certain that the rotten-egg farts don’t come from you, here’re the facts.

Farts that smell like rotten eggs are caused by hydrogen sulfide and sometimes skatole. Both these compounds contain sulfur that creates the foul smell, but it’s hydrogen sulfide that has the foul odor that resembles rotten eggs.

Technically speaking, with enough hydrogen sulfide, it can be considered toxic and flammable, but obviously our farts will never contain enough of it to pose a danger.

Basically, most of the foods we consume will produce sulfur, but if we consume more sulfide-producing food like broccoli or beans, you’ll produce more of these farts. If you have a high-fibre diet, you’ll also be prone to having more sulfide in your body.

The truth is, we all fart about fourteen times a day, and sometimes, they’re just carbon dioxide or gases without any smell. When there is a smell, in particular rotten egg smell, it means that fart comes from your food.

So, what’s the solution to these embarrassing farts? Here’s the thing: you shouldn’t be looking for one. It’s nature and even the most gorgeous girl in the world needs to have that rotten-egg-smelling farts a few times a day.

In other words, just fart away, or learn how to point your finger fast. After all, now you know it’s not just you.

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