Here’s Why Most Successful People Wear the Same Boring Clothes Every Day



Sick of thinking of what to wear the next day? Why not just wear the same thing every single day?

After all, if you’d have realised, many successful people such as Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day. Obama is known for his grey or blue suits, Mark Zuckerberg his grey tee, and Steve Jobs the black long sleeves tucked into his 1990s blue jeans.

Just what these people have in common, and why are they wearing the same clothes day in and out?

Here are the reasons based on various theories and they make perfect sense.

Less decision

Making a statement in fashion can be time consuming when we choose what to wear, what tops go well with what bottoms. Just ask any influencer.

Successful people do not have this trouble, because what they have is same combination every day. This saves time and effort in decision, because they’ve got bigger decisions to make.

You wake up, get into the uniform, and you’re ready for the world. Some people can spend close to an hour on deciding what to wear, how to wear it. All these time can be used for something else that is much more productive.

It becomes a trademark.

People will know you for the fashion statement. It makes you noteworthy and outstanding, and people can identity you and associate you with success easily. It’s very easy to think of an image of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, precisely because they wear simple outfits. Their choice of outfit also echoes their beliefs, and products.


You focus on more important things.

There are so many aspects and things to consider in life – to most, fashion is one of them. To successful people, they only have their passion to maintain and pursue, therefore, the can quickly severe ties with the decision making of clothes and appearances.

As mentioned earlier, they’ve more important decisions to make than what colour to wear that day.

Plus point: You save money

Not buying new clothes because you have stocks of the same clothes helps you save time, effort and money on shopping. Shopping may be a fun sport to some, but these people are willing to let go of it. Especially so when billionaires are well-known to be frugal.

More conviction in yourself

With less time wasting and effort on your fashion sense, people would, too, focus more on your intrinsic qualities instead of judging what you wear, since they know you wear the same thing every day.

Well, be careful, because there will be some people who might think people who wear the same thing daily are a little weird, but well, put their thoughts aside and start becoming successful. Steve Jobs didn’t have time for what other people think of his fashion sense, because everyone’s focused on his iPhone!

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