Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hold On To Your Handbag If A Thief On Motorcycle Snatches It Away

You’ve probably heard this before but here’s a reminder: when a dangerous person tries to get your cash and valuables (and just your cash and valuables, if they’re trying to kidnap you it’s a different case), it may not be intuitive to our myopic brains but the rule is always to let them.

Attempts to cling onto your belongings will risk a knife in between your ribs, and your valuables pried from you anyway.

And you know what, the same goes for snatch theft, especially ones aided by motorcycles, except instead of stab wounds, you’ll get a face full of asphalt.

Snatch Theft in Malaysia

Lately, one such case happened in Muar, Johor and it was caught on a CCTV camera.

As explained in the caption, a lady was walking along a pavement when a snatch thief on a motorcycle grabbed her bag from behind. Still clutching the handbag, the victim was dragged off screen.

The caption also reported that she had to be admitted to the hospital for her injuries.

Netizens’ Responses

As with all viral videos and posts, the locals online will have their say. Though brutal and rather nonconstructive, at least the hate is directed at the right party this time- the perpetrator.

There are too many instances where the people online are mindlessly cruel to the victim for their negligence, with no sympathy for their grievous injuries.

With credits to World of Buzz for the following 2 screenshots and accompanying translations,

Credits: Screenshot from Hilmi Adi Ruzaini (Twitter)

“I pray that the thief gets into a traffic collision with a lorry.”

Credits: Screenshot from Hilmi Adi Ruzaini (Twitter)

But one of them had some advice to give:

Credits: Screenshot from Hilmi Adi Ruzaini (Twitter)

I unlike the fine people at World of Buzz, I don’t speak Malay so a Google Translation is the best I can provide.

Economy is not good to get back to cargo pants. Money, hp, key in the pocket. No handbags. I’ve even had to get it, trauma a few years do not carry bags.

This is an interesting way to tackle snatch theft. What are some other ways?

Dealing with a Common Occurrence

According to the Malaysia 2018 Crime & Safety Report, petty crime is quite high in densely-populated urban centres with purse snatching and pick-pocketing being some examples. China Press has also reported that is rampant in the area in particular.

To make yourself less of a target, you can heed by what the kind netizen suggested and not bring a purse at all, or as the advised, to keep your purses and shoulder bags zipped closed and tucked under the arm.

If you are still being confronted, they reinforced the warning at the beginning of this article about surrendering your possessions promptly.

But even that won’t spare you from being yanked onto the road, so they’ve advised pedestrians against wrapping the strap around their arm or shoulder since victims have been injured and even killed after falling and being dragged along the pavement by their purse straps by motorcycle bandits.

Thankfully there were no fatalities in this case (as of now, and we hope to receive no updates that there is), but stay vigilant so and avoid the whole ordeal altogether if possible.

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