Here’s Why You’re Always Eating When You’re at Work

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Snacking is possibly the only common interest all working adults have –  especially when you’re waiting for lunch, or just need a little something to keep awake after lunch or those dreadful meetings.

We have our guilty little secrets, whether it be that huge stash of tidbits hidden away in our drawers that we absolutely refuse to share or sneaking into the pantry to eat that chocolate in the refrigerator with our colleague’s name written on it along with a do not touch message.

You know it’s bad, but you just can’t help yourself.

You want to stop, but you just can’t. Here are 9 common reasons why.

1. Stress

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Every time you’re nearing a deadline, you’ll feel like reaching out for that pack of potato chips which will put you into zen mode immediately. Imagine eating a pack of chips twice a week at work – that’s 2 packs multiply by 4 weeks in a month, which equates to 96 packs of chips in a year. (minus the days which you actually eat chips outside of work). Emotional eating can lead to a massive weight gain and is extremely unhealthy to ignore such habits.

2. Starving

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Going to work without breakfast is the worst decision you could ever make. When you don’t eat, your brains aren’t as active and you can’t think as well – or that’s what I like to think. Our human body has its natural instincts – to eat when we feel hungry and you’ll end up putting more calories in your body than what a simple meal of breakfast will.

3. Nothing to focus on

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When you don’t have a clear outline of a list of things to do at work, the next thing to do when you’re bored would be to eat or as they call it “the mouth itchy syndrome”. Try to stay clear on your objectives for the first 3 hours before lunch, and aim to complete some of the tasks before having lunch.

4. Socializing with co-workers

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You can’t possibly refuse when your boss decides to order fried chicken for Free Food Fridays. You also don’t want to be the person they refer to as “the odd health freak” who can’t be bothered to try what they have bought. So everything just try lor.

5. Drifting off

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The one thought I always have at work? What’s for lunch. And the next thing you know, you’ll be reaching your hand out to your drawer for those chips and cookies.

6. It’s fun and exciting

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Millennials nowadays are all about themselves more than anything. They want to be in the latest food, the latest trends, and the latest fashion.

If there’s a new café opening downstairs, they’ll be there to try out the popular desserts. And so do you, because you want to fit in. Maybe that’s why the level of obesity is increasing.

7. A well-filled pantry


I’ve been to offices with huge baskets of packet chocolates, sweet and savory snacks filled to the brim in their pantry. I mean, how to resist, right?

8. The “I can always walk it off” mentality

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When asked if they are afraid they will gain weight from snacking, their common answer would be “Aiya, I can always walk it off one mah”.

9. No, you can’t.

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In fact, it’s not as easy as you think. You need intense cardio to burn off even half of the fats you own, and most working adults rarely have the time to do so. Our solution? Go sign up for a slimming trial at London Weight Management to review how you can manage your weight better.

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