Hermes Has a Mahjong Set That Costs $57,200 & You Can Buy It in S’pore

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In Crazy Rich Asians, there’s an iconic Mahjong scene whereby the protagonist confronted the antagonist in a Mahjong house, and even used the Mahjong tiles as an analogy.

Well, if only they know about the Helios Mahjong Set.


Hermes Has a Mahjong Set That Costs $57,200 & You Can Buy It in S’pore

Yes, we’re talking about Hermes, the brand that rich people buy without batting an eye, and the brand of every Ah Beng’s belt.

The French high fashion luxury good manufacturer also manufactures Mahjong sets, and it’s not just any plastic green set.


Instead, it’s made with solid palissander wood, and this material is so atas that you can’t even find a Google result on what the heck it is.

Reader Bao: Seriously?

Seriously. The closest link to it is Brazilian rosewood, which is a wood that is…”very hard and heavy”. In fact, this wood is so atas that even in Wikipedia, it’s mentioned that “very little is known about the ecology and reproduction of the Brazilian rosewood.”

This could possibly be the first time that Goody Feed fails to feed its readers with information, and that could’ve been why it cost so much.

If you’ve got some spare cash and didn’t want to splurge on Newcastle FC or fancy Photoshop skillz, you can buy this set for just $57,200—a steal, considering that you can also include a card with a personalized message and a priceless invoice.

Here’s how Hermes describe the set:

Hermes mahjong game in solid palissander wood and printed Swift calfskin, tiles in printed full leather

The meaning of mahjong in Chinese is “squabbling sparrow”- an allusion to the noise made by the one hundred and forty-four tiles that are shuffled when playing the game. The printed full leather tiles knock gently against each other, while the little sticks keep track of the score with a delicate rustling sound.

The box itself is at 43cm X 43cm X 10 cm, so you can actually put over $50K inside your drawer.



Someone in Twitter appeared to have bought it and holy crap, it looks…like a kueh.

Image: Twitter (@KanemitsuMidori)

If you’ve got over $50k to spare, you can buy it here, or you can buy a second-hand car with cash in any car mart.

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