This Hidden Gem in Katong S’pore Serves Fresh Cold Beer from the Barrel

No, Katong laksa did not just start selling German beer all of a sudden. We’re talking about Stärker Bistro, a venue that serves beer and grub in the new Katong Square. The building itself opened only early last year, and already it is filled with some excellent dining outlets.

And if you’re into great beer, food and ambience, look no further than Stärker Bistro.

The quaint-looking outlet right at the entrance of Katong Square immediately stands out for its unique décor, reminiscent of a European cottage (since they serve German-style freshly brewed beer).

There are indoor and outdoor seats, and despite looking quite small, the outlet can actually accommodate larger groups. For some reason, if you didn’t know they served beer before you entered, you’ll definitely know after seeing the very obvious bar and stack of barrels of beer within the restaurant.

Speaking of which, the beer barrels are the highlight of the restaurant, and every cold mug comes from the barrel, freshly tapped daily. 

In Germany, Oktoberfest begins when the Mayor in Munich taps a beer barrel on national television, declaring “O’zapft is”, which means “it’s tapped”. In Stärker Bistro, this happens every time a group orders a barrel of Starker beer.

(Wooden mallets are used to knock a metal tap into the wooden barrel to dispense the beer.)

It’s Oktoberfest all day every day yo.

Stärker Bistro offers their in-house brewed Starker Fresh Beer, a beer with 7-days shelf life in five different flavours: Lager, Aromatic, Charcoal, Dunkel and Lychee. Each has its unique flavour for every kind of food pairing, and guess what, Stärker Bistro has all of the food too.

We had the opportunity to try some of their best items on the menu, so you can believe us when we say they’re pretty damn good.

Stärker Bistro offers a wide selection of mains, bar bites and snacks, ranging from pizza to burgers, sliders, and even giant seafood platters.

There’s also pasta, wings, and many other side dishes, which means you could come here for basically any occasion. After all, beer doesn’t just go well with most kinds of food, they go well with most occasions too.

Which also includes sports, by the way. The Bistro managed to fit a large TV as well, showing soccer matches all day. At this point, we think Stärker Bistro just about managed to cover everything.

Actually, not everything quite yet.

Other Stärker outlets have features like live performances, which the Katong outlet sadly lacks. Fortunately, just for a day, Stärker Bistro is holding their opening carnival, with everything you can expect in carnivals.

This means there will be magic shows, caricature painting, balloon sculpturing, popcorn and candy floss carts, and many other games, with prizes to be won.

Of course, there will also be a live band performing, and great discounts on that day!

If you’re fast, you could even get to be one of the first 200 people to sign up for the event and redeem a free beer. For more information on their opening carnival, check out their event page here!

And specifically for Goody Feed readers because we’re your best friends, Starker Bistro is giving away one Ocean galore (worth $93.80) and four beers to three lucky winners. Prizes to be redeemed on 22 Apr 2017, so make sure to keep that day free! #DontSayBojio

Simply stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details! Here’s a hint: it’ll be conducted sometime this weekend 😉 

Stärker Bistro

Katong Square,
88 East Coast Road #01-16,
Singapore 423371

Opening Hours

12 pm to 12 am daily


This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with Starker Singapore.