WhatsApp Now Allows You to Hide Your ‘Online’ Status


Last Updated on 2023-03-13 , 7:01 pm

When it comes to messaging, there are two things we dislike, but may be guilty of:

Leaving people on read (otherwise known as blue-ticking) or ignoring messages.

For the latter, it is either we don’t enter the conversation at all, or we turn off our Wi-Fi and mobile data before tapping on the conversation.

It is mean, but sometimes… sometime it is just awkward okay?!

Anyway, here is the good news.

WhatsApp has rolled out a feature allows you to hides your online status.

It just takes a few steps. Go to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen and Online.

Tap on the option of ‘Nobody’ under the last seen category, and then choose ‘Same as last seen’ for the next section.

Image: WhatsApp

This is a step forward from when WhatsApp users were able to turn off their ‘Last Seen’ feature.

Now, you can message (or ignore) anyone while remaining virtually invisible.

However, your contacts can still see you typing a message, if they happen to be online at the same time.

The privacy setting can be changed whenever you like.

Next time you want to ghost someone without their knowledge, make sure to remember this feature!