Hillion Mall, Dunlop St Shop Visited By Covid-19 Cases, Single Community Case Still Unlinked

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The number of Covid-19 infections in Singapore may be dwindling, but the few people who are infected are as busy as ever.

Just like my list of failures, the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) long list of locations visited by these people is getting longer every day.

It’d be nice if they visited places that none of us go to, like a gym or fitness centre, but, unsurprisingly, shopping malls and stores were added instead.

Hillion Mall, Dunlop St Shop Visited By Covid-19 Cases

Two new locations have been added to the list of public places visited by community cases during their infectious period, said MOH on Saturday (19 Sep).

These are the Hillion Mall in Petir Road and the Haniffa store in Dunlop Street.

Hillion Mall was visited on 15 Sep and the department store was visited on 7 Sep.

Here is the updated list:

Image: MOH

Image: MOH

If you were at these locations at the specified times, you might be sweating profusely right now, but there’s no need to panic.

Just monitor your health for 14 days from your date of visit and see a doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms of acute respiratory infection:

  • cough
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • fever
  • loss of taste or smell

You should also inform your doctor of your exposure history.

Avoiding these places is unnecessary as the National Environment Agency (NEA) will ensure they’ve been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

So it might even be cleaner than your room.

Reader: A landfill site is cleaner than my room

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Sole Community Case Unlinked

It’s hard to believe, but Singapore has had fewer than 20 daily infections in the last two days.

Image: Tenor

15 new cases were reported on Saturday (19 Sep), including one community case.

The only bad news is that the sole community case – a 22-year-old Singaporean man – is unlinked.

The 15 additional cases includes 5 imported infections who arrived from Iran and India between 6 and 15 Sept.

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All of them were placed on 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) upon arrival in Singapore. They were tested while serving their SHN at dedicated facilities.

Migrant workers living in dormitories accounted for the remaining nine cases, of whom six were already quarantined after being identified as contacts of previous cases.


The other three were detected through surveillance testing, according to The Straits Times.

We now have an average of one new community case every day, down from two in the past week.

The number of unlinked cases has remained stable at one new case daily in the past two weeks.

So this means we can start ignoring all the restrictions in place and celebrate like it’s 2019, right?

Reader: Yes that sounds about rig-


Well, you’re WRONG. WRONG!

Reader: Ok ok please stop shouting

As the police like to say: low crime doesn’t mean no crime. 

Similarly: low infections doesn’t mean no infections. 

So don’t get complacent, because the coronavirus will definitely capitalize on that. If we remain cautious and avoid doing anything rash or stupid, we might just defeat this dreaded disease.


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