Man Who Was Pinned Down in Food Court Was Sitting on a Cordoned-Off Seat for an Hour


Imagine standing for over five hours when you finally see a seat in the distance. You run towards it only to realise it’s being occupied by red tapes. Every other available seat is taken and your feet are throbbing so what do you do?

You sit on the cordoned seat, of course. The worst-case scenario is getting chased away by the safe-distancing officers, right?

Well, apparently not. This man was pinned down instead.

Man Who Was Pinned Down in Food Court Was Sitting on a Cordoned-Off Seat for an Hour

On 17 December 2021, around 6pm, a man wandered to a food court, Kopitiam, at Hillion Mall and sat on a cordoned seat.

Although it was the dinner rush, there were still some available seats in the food court but this man refused to move to those seats. Maybe the Feng Shui at that cordoned seat is better.

The man had his meal there and continue resting in the area for over an hour, long after he finished his food. The security guard came up and told him to leave but the man became aggressive.

He shouted at the top of his voice without a mask and even taunted the security guard to call the police. So the security guard did.

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Police Arrival

Various police officers arrived at the scene and this also sparked members of the public to take videos of the situation and post them online, and these videos have gone viral.

In one of the videos found on TikTok, the man could be seen screaming and insulting the security guards. In another video of the same location, the police have arrived and are apprehending him. An off-duty officer also joined them.

They dragged him out from the edge of the chair as the man directed, “arrest you” towards an officer. Wait, is the man trying to “arrest” the police?

Right after he did that, he was pulled out of his seat and pinned to the ground. The man even let out an “Ah” to show that he had reached the ground.

He continued with his “Ah” while the officers handcuffed him. Suddenly, as he realised he cannot “arrest” the police, he began apologising profusely, stating that he “cannot control.”

Identified as a 29-year-old man, the man was apprehended under Section 7 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act for he might pose a danger to himself.

The original videos on TikTok have been taken down, but as usual, it has since been re-uploaded by other netizens.

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Featured Image: TikTok (jzairie)