Hipster Carnival Featuring We Bare Bears Attractions, Ben 10 & More Coming to S’pore End-May 2018

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Singapore is boring.

How many times are you guilty of saying that?

It’s so small! Nothing exciting happens here on our island.

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Do you want to have fun? Go BKK.

Heh, little did you know that if you bother to follow Goody Feed, we’ll let you in on the various fun activities happening in Singapore.

Like this one.

Who doesn’t love We Bare Bears?

I mean, look at them.

Image: awn.com

What’s not to love, right?

These bears might look like simple lines with a splash of colour but they have ensnared thousands of girls’ (and boys’) hearts.

If you went crazy over the We Bare Bears inflatables at Sentosa…

Image: marchh.com

…you’re going to go absolutely bonkers at what is coming to Gardens By The Bay next month.

Because of this.

From 26 May to 10 Jun 2018, Cartoon Network is bringing a host of cartoons to life at Gardens By The Bay’s Bayfront Plaza.

Think your favourite cartoon shows like We Bare Bears, PowerPuff Girls, Ben 10 and Adventure Time.

This super hipster carnival will bring with it a whole lot of inflatable obstacles, creative workshops and, of course, carnival games.

We Bare Bears Extravaganza

Take a fun log-ride down an inflatable slide and splash into a pool of colourful balls. Similar to a water-filled log ride, just not as wet and just as fun.

Not that adventurous? Bring your girlfriend to Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear’s home and take a few selfies together.

In fact, you can ask her to be your girlfriend there and she’ll likely say yes.

Disclaimer: Provided she’s a big softy for cute bears. And for you.

Ben 10 Boot Camp

Bah, BMT is easy-peasy. Want to know what a real boot camp is like? Join Ben 10’s boot camp and learn to save the world.

Okay, that sounds like an overly clickbait ad, but seriously, join Ben 10 boot camp and have fun navigating inflatable obstacle courses.

Challenge each other, race against the clock, heck, just bounce off the walls. You don’t really need us to teach you how to have fun in a maze, right?

Then reward yourself with a group photo together with Ben 10 and his allies in front of a weird-but-cool mirror.

The Powerpuff Girls

90s kids, remember these three lovable girls? They don’t appeal to just the girls, because the last I know, every guy in the office went apeshit when Cartoon Network sent us some Powerpuff Girls merchandise (God knows where they are now).

They might be twenty years old this year but still look like ten. #SecretsOfEverlastingYouth

Now’s your chance to fly with them with the help of a giant trampoline ride!

Image: tenor.com


There will also be a Cartoon Network art gallery where you can feed your inner artist with international artworks.


Because the Powerpuff girls are turning 20, there needs to be something special, right?

Local artist group, Band of Doodlers, will be creating a special Powerpuff Girls Tribute at the event on Sunday, 27 May from 4 pm onwards.

You’re invited to join in on the fun and leave your mark on the piece of artwork as well.

Adventure Time

Familiar? You should be.

It’s the Land of Ooo.

Image: imgflip.com

Love mazes? Here’s another one you can get lost in after conquering the Ben 10 maze!

Then, visit a place you’ve always wanted to go in your childhood.

The magical Candy Kingdom with all your favourite characters: Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess.

Again, selfie opportunities, guys.

There’s more, way more than you’d expect

Remember, we promised at the beginning that there’ll be carnival games, attractions and workshops beyond your wildest dreams?

Other than various zones where cartoon characters are brought to life, there are several more fun activities you can take part in.

From an interactive Animate Yourself booth where you can make your own animated likeness and print it on a t-shirt…

Image: techno-path.com

…to a mix of carnival games designed to test your agility, accuracy and skill. Plus, you can show off to your girl.

Image: knowyourmeme.com

Plus, there’ll be a line-up of weekend workshops held by leading figures in the animation world to jumpstart your creativity, teach you how to draw your favourite cartoon characters or create your own stop animation video!

Here’s a sneak peek:

John Fang, the Executive Producer of Ben10, will be at the event to teach others the tips and tricks on creating their own cartoon series.

By the way, he has been in the industry since 1996 and has directed several iconic action properties such as the Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Batman and now Ben 10.

Perfect for those who are thinking of entering the animation industry.

Location: Gardens By The Bay’s Bayfront Plaza
Period: 26 May to 10 Jun 2018
Opening Hours: Mon to Thur (3 pm to 9 pm) / Fri to Sun (3 pm to 11 pm)

Visit animate.cartoonnetworkasia.com/ for more details and hashtag CartoonNetwork and #CNAnimateYourLife to share the fun!

You can pre-order your tickets here.

Cartoon Network Animate Your Life is co-presented by Prudential Singapore and Cartoon Network Wave, the soon-to-launch, fully-branded cruise liner.

The event is also supported by Singapore Tourism Board’s Leisure Events Fund, Official Radio Partner CLASS 95 and Supporting Radio Partner 987, and Official Multimedia Partner Singtel.

Cartoon Network is available on Singtel TV channel 226.

This article was first published in goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with Cartoon Network Asia.