HK Veteran Actresses Lily Leung & Teresa Ha Passed Away Within 8 Days

Hong Kong isn’t having a good time.

Protests lined the streets and their economy is suffering from the total shut down of the airport.

And now, two iconic legends of the Hong Kong entertainment industry has passed away.

Lily Leung and Teresa Ha.

Both Lily Leung and Teresa Ha were familiar faces to Singaporeans who went crazy for TVB dramas before the Hallyu Wave took over the world, and both had won the Lifetime Acting Achievement Award.

Lily Leung


Lily Leung was the first generation of Hong Kong’s newscaster and also one of the first few female artistes at that time.

She is a legend in the Hong Kong entertainment industry with roles in over 80 drama series under her belt.

Some of which are pretty popular among Singaporeans:

  • A Kindred Spirit 真情 (1995)
  • The Legend of Lady Yang 杨贵妃 (2000)
  • Healing Hands II 妙手仁心II (2000)
  • Heart of Greed 溏心风暴 (2007)

Died Surrounded By Loved Ones

She succumbed to cancer on 13 Aug 2019 at the age of 90 years old.

According to Hong Kong TVB Entertainment News, she passed away surrounded by loved ones at the hospital.

Teresa Ha


Another legend in Hong Kong’s acting industry, Teresa Ha grew into fame with her roles in several film and TV dramas.

Some of which includes:

  • Burning Flame 烈火雄心 (1998)
  • Armed Reaction II 陀枪师姐 II (2000)
  • A Step into the Past 寻秦记 (2001)
  • Forensic Heroes 法证先锋 (2006)

Depended On Medicine To Live

Gordon Lam, Teresa Ha’s godson, told the media that her health has deteriorated very quickly “for the past six months”.

She had suffered from diabetes and a stroke.


It was mentioned in an interview that Teresa had to depend on medicine to leave. When she passed away on 5 August 2019, she was 81 years old.

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No more can you see their grandmotherly smiles on TVB dramas except reruns. No more will you be able to see them appear in any upcoming TVB series.

Image: Giphy

But one thing for sure, these two actresses have left an impact on millions of people, teaching them about the values of life through their shows and films.

They will be missed.

Our condolences to the actresses’ families and friends.

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