30YO Man Allegedly Killed His Wife in East Coast Hotel & Turned Himself In to the Police


On the evening of 9 September 2023, a grim incident unfolded at the Holiday Inn Express Katong, situated on East Coast Road. A 30-year-old man is alleged to have taken the life of his 32-year-old wife in one of the hotel rooms.

Following the act, he proceeded to the Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Centre at approximately 5:05 pm, where he confessed to the heinous crime, stating that he had killed his wife at the hotel.

The officers arrested him on the spot.

The man is set to face murder charges in court tomorrow (11 September 2023).

The Crime Scene: A Glimpse into the Horrific Event

The Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong, where the incident took place, is an  establishment with 451 rooms, occupying the seventh to sixteenth floors of Katong Square. This hotel is strategically located adjacent to i12 Katong shopping mall.

Upon receiving the confession, the police promptly arrived at the hotel to investigate the matter further.

In one of the rooms, they discovered the lifeless body of the 32-year-old woman, bearing a slash wound.


The paramedics who arrived at the scene later confirmed her death.

A knife, which is believed to have been used for the murder, was also recovered from the room.

Eyewitness Accounts and Legal Consequences

As the evening progressed, the area surrounding the hotel became a hub of police activity.

Witnesses from eateries located across the road from the hotel reported to the media that the police presence had escalated noticeably after 5 pm. They noted that several police vehicles and an ambulance were spotted in the vicinity, indicating the gravity of the situation.

Meanwhile, the hotel guests seemed to be largely unaware of the tragedy unfolding within the establishment. Two guests mentioned that they had no knowledge of the alleged murder until they read about it in the media.

Later in the night, at around 10:30 pm, a police hearse arrived at the scene, staying for about 15 minutes before departing.

If convicted of murder, the man can either face the death penalty or be jailed for life and caned.

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