Demand for Home COVID-19 Vaccination So High, The Waiting Time is 8 Weeks


Everyone in the country, both officials and residents alike, want more seniors to get vaccinated.

Since those in the older age groups are at higher risk of suffering severe illness from COVID-19, there’s more of an urgent need to get them inoculated.

While some seniors may be hesitant to take the vaccine for a number of reasons, many of them wish to get jabbed but physically can’t make their way to the vaccination centre, due to mobility issues.

The good news is that the authorities rolled out a service which allows them to get vaccinated at home.

The bad news is that the waiting time for one jab can be up to eight weeks.

Demand for Home COVID-19 Vaccination So High, The Waiting Time is 8 Weeks

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has issued a plea to doctors and nurses outside the public healthcare sector: volunteer your services so more seniors can get vaccinated at home.

In a Facebook post, Mr Ong noted that 1,200 homebound seniors have already been vaccinated using the home vaccination service, but that demand is growing.


“Our Home Vaccination Teams, consisting of a doctor and a nurse, are going all out. But demand is high, and waiting time is long – about 8 weeks,” he said.

That’s why more healthcare workers are needed to help out with the home vaccination service.

“So I am calling out to doctors and registered nurses outside the public healthcare sector, to volunteer your services under SG Healthcare Corps so that we can vaccinate more seniors and in quicker time,” Mr Ong said.


As for why both a doctor and nurses need to be present, that’s because some seniors may be frail and immobile, and will need to be monitored during the vaccination process.

Praised Doctors & Nurses Helping With Vaccination Effort

At the moment, Singapore has around 10 mobile vaccination teams across 10 towns and 70 locations offering this home service.

In his post, Mr Ong praised the doctors and nurses who are helping with the vaccination effort, affectionally called “lo kun” and “missy'” by some Chinese seniors.

“They don’t just treat patients, they also show care. They don’t just listen with their stethoscopes, they also listen with their heart,” Mr Ong wrote.

Vaccination Progress For Seniors

The good news is that the overall vaccination rate for seniors is slowly increasing.

A month ago, the percentage of seniors vaccinated with at least one dose was 84%, but that number has since risen to 89%.

Even more progress was made for those above 70, as the vaccination rate increased from 74% a month ago to 82% now.

All we need is one final push, and we’ll finally get to where we need to be.

Those who wish to register to aid in the home vaccination effort can register here or call the Ministry of Health at 6325 9220.

Watch this video to the end to learn more about vaccination:


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