Honest-est Mover in S’pore Returns $50K Found in Cabinet To Customer Immediately

Throughout our lives, we have been schooled in one single thought:

“Honesty is the best policy.”

Yet, if we were to be serious about it;

How honest can one actually endeavour to be?

For example, let’s say you’re out on your rounds when you discover $50K on the street.

****ing 50K.

Image: Giphy

And the obvious question arises; are you gonna return it to the owner…

…or keep it for yourself?

Image: gifer

Tough question? A dilemma on par with the classic “your mum or your girlfriend” predicament?

Because somewhere, in a private space of Singapore, someone chose to do the right thing.


What happened?

Just yesterday (13 Jan), relocation service provider Prestige Moving Services published a rather interesting snippet on its Facebook page.

In case you can’t read, the post reads:

“This is Mr Jake. One of our best man. 
We would like to express our gratitude to him for his honesty which not many would have done the same especially honesty is very important in our industry where customers entrust their furniture and belongings to us.

Jake, while doing a move in one of our customer premises, found a total amount of $50k cash wrapped up in a plastic bag at a corner in a cabinet

This money is believed to be forgotten by our customer.

Jake, made the best move and decision to return the money in the whole amount to the customer.

Once again, thank you, Jake, for your honesty and we hope you will be with us for many many years more.”

In short, Jake here had discovered $50K lying around in a corner of a cabinet, an amount believed to have been forgotten by the customer.

Instead of stashing it inside his inner pockets, however, he chose to do the right thing.

Seemingly without hesitation.

Image: tenor.co

Someone give this man a medal already.

And it wasn’t your usual ‘stereotypical’ case

For as you might’ve already noticed, Jake wasn’t just buff.

He was ‘The Rock’ buff, in the sense that like the Hollywood star, he had quite a lot of tattoos.

Image: Prestige Moving Services Facebook

Now make no mistake; I’ve nothing against tattoos. That is; unless a guy with tats starts running after me in a dark alleyway anyway. But then again I would still be scared if it was a guy without tats because wth why you chasing me bro I’m straight ahhhhhh.

But that’s not how society really interprets it. Why else would people feel pressured to cover up their tattoos when attending something more ‘formal’?


And this is where humanity really shines. For instead of simply praising Jake for his actions, Netizens also noted the patterns on his body…

And reiterated the seemingly forgotten notion of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover‘.

Although one did point out something I bet we were all subtly thinking:

Image: Prestige – Moving Services Facebook

Crazy Rich Asians, anyone?

Incidentally, the post proved so popular, and so heart-warming, that the company in question actually expressed thanks to the public.

Image: Prestige – Moving Services Facebook

Need some free manicure services? Don’t say bojio ah.

Moral Of The Story

Some time ago I stumbled upon a revelation:

It’s easy to become a human.

It’s hard to stay one.

And indeed, I can’t help but express kudos to Jake here, for he has proved one thing.

There’s still hope for humanity after all.

Image: Giphy

And one more lesson: don’t keep $50K in your house. You might forget about it when you’re moving house.

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