Seller Who Claims His Honey Can Cure COVID-19 Probed by SFA But Won’t Remove His Products

People have made many ridiculous claims during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes:

  1. That the vaccine can alter your DNA
  2. Drinking beer can cure COVID-19
  3. That 50 bubble teas a day is unhealthy

Reader: Uh, that last one is definitely true, not ridiculous

I’ll believe it when actual studies have been done. 

It’s now been nearly two years after the coronavirus first emerged, but people are still making unsubstantiated claims about the virus.

This time, it’s honey.

Seller Claims His Honey Can Cure COVID-19

When you buy honey, it’s usually because you want to sweeten something without using sugar. But some people may have recently purchased a certain brand of honey hoping to cure their coronavirus infections.

Natural Wild Honey, a honey seller, has been claiming that taking 12 bottles of its product can turn a person from COVID-19 positive to negative in just 18 days.

The honey seller even offers a money-back guarantee for those who have not been cured of their infections.

Here’s what the seller’s instructions said:

  1. “You must consume 40g of our Natural Wild Honey every hour (do not mix with water) 10 times per day.”
  2. “You will expect to cough much phlegm and the phlegm is very dark in colour, nearly black. Your cough will improve and your breathing is much smoother after that”.
  3. “We are sure that Natural Wild Honey can cleanse the phlegm in your lungs and the toxins in your body”.
Image: Reddit (1N5IGHT)

Sounds amazing, right? Well, as Carl Sagan once said: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

Or as Pritam Singh said, “Substantiate.”

SFA Investigating Natural Wild Honey

So it came as no surprise when the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said it was investigating Natural Wild Honey for its claims.

SFA said that under the Singapore Food Regulations, businesses should not make any claims or suggestions that food can prevent, alleviate, or cure any disease or condition affecting humans.

The only exceptions to this rule are permitted plant sterols and stanols, barley, and oats glucan.

“We strongly advise members of the public to consult a doctor for management of COVID-19 and to refer to credible sources of information instead,” it said.

“SFA will not hesitate to take enforcement action against errant retailers if we have obtained sufficient evidence.”

Seller Stands By Claims

Despite being investigated by the SFA, the director of Natural Wild Honey—Mr Richard Teo—lis not backing down.

Speaking to The Straits Timeshe said: “I’m not into politics, I just want to help people. It is unfair that the SFA says I cannot say this. They should take my honey and test it on COVID-19 patients first.”

The 70-year-old added that he’s not been vaccinated yet.

Initially, Mr Teo said he had tested his honey on “at least 50 people”. He later said “almost 40 people”, so the tests may not be as rigorous as we’d like.

He said he will not be removing his claims and hopes to meet personnel from SFA to discuss the issue.

Yes, I’m sure that’ll go down well.

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