Kong Hee & Sun Ho Under Quarantine Order; Want Followers to Pray for Them

Remember this man?

Image: City TV

This is City Harvest Church’s founder Kong Hee, a man who was convicted of misappropriating S$50 million from the megachurch along with four others.

Well, he’s in the news again, and this time he’s asking you to pray for him.

Reader: Is it another scandal?


Reader: Has he contracted the Covid-19 virus?

Not quite. He’s been quarantined along with his wife.

Reader: Oh.


Reader: …

Reader: Why did I even click on this article?

Kong Hee & Sun Ho Under Quarantine Order; Want Followers to Pray for Them

In a post on Facebook, Sun Ho, Kong Hee‘s wife, announced that the couple had recently been served a quarantine order as a precautionary measure.

Ho said that the two will be under quarantine until April 2, 2020, after Kong and she had spent time with a church member’s husband who later tested positive for Covid-19.

Close contact during funeral

According to Ho, the husband and wife duo had recently attended a funeral to support a church member whose wife had passed away.

The man, G, later tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Because we were in close proximity to him, the authorities has (sic) placed both of us under a Quarantine Order till 2 April 2020” Ho said.


In the video that accompanied the post, Ho playfully converses with her husband, as they talk about preparing a sermon.

“Nothing is going to stop us from bringing the word of God to the church”, Ho says.

Though one wonders where exactly this sermon will be delivered considering the two of them are under quarantine.


Asks followers to pray for them

Ho ends the post assuring their followers that both of them are feeling fine and asked for their prayers.

“I want you to know that Pastor and I are both in good health. Keep praying for us and please also uphold G and his family in your prayers during their time of grief and loss.”

Now you’ve probably heard a lot about quarantine orders and stay-home notices in the last few weeks, but what exactly is a quarantine order?

Quarantine order

A quarantine order, much like it sounds, is basically the gahmen forcing you to be a social recluse.

According to The Straits Times, a quarantine order is issued to those who have, or are suspected of having the Covid-19 virus.


It is stricter than a Stay-Home Notice or a Leave of Absence because you have to be completely isolated from others.

Reader: My whole life is a quarantine order then

Quarantines usually occur in the home, but it can also be served in quarantine facilities or hospitals.

And don’t even think about breaching your quarantine order, no matter how much you miss that Chendol near your house.

First-time offenders may be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to six months, or both, with higher penalties for subsequent breaches.


Individuals under quarantine will be monitored by video calls at least three times a day, and spot checks will also be carried out.

So, if you’re served with a quarantine order, like Hong Kee and Sun Ho, listen to the authorities and serve it out.

This aggressive contact tracing and quarantining is one of the main reasons we’ve managed to slow the spread of the virus in our country.

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