Hong Kong Locks Down District As Cases Continue to Rise


In an alternate universe, people in Singapore and Hong Kong are travelling freely between both cities, and many Singaporeans have decided to head to Hong Kong for a vacation during the upcoming festive season.

But in our universe, the air travel bubble was cancelled a day before it started, and while some complained, we now know that that’s a hard yet correct decision.

Because even Hong Kong is going through a lockdown, although it’s not a full lockdown.

Hong Kong Locks Down District As Cases Continue to Rise

Part of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Peninsula has been placed under lockdown, and the move was made by the Hong Kong government as there was a need to do mandatory testing for the people there.

The people staying within the specified areas have to remain home at all times. It’s not just that – people who have actually dropped into the area for more than 2 hours over the past 2 weeks would also need to take a swab test.

The restricted area is bound by the following four streets – Kansu Street, Woosung Street, Nanking Street and Battery Street.

People who are affected by the lockdown and do not stay in the area have been provided with a specific place to stay, says Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

The Jordan neighbourhood lockdown has been planned for 2 days. It affects a total of around 10,000 people and about 150 residential blocks, all in all.

The purpose of this exercise? To find those who have been staking out from not taking the Covid-19 tests.

The police will maintain a block around the area, while the officers of other disciplines (immigration, customs, correctional and fire services) will walk together with the health inspectors and initiate door-to-door inspections.

Testing would be conducted in booths that are ideally located, so that the residents don’t have to worry about moving about too far from where they stay.

According to Frank Ho Fu-Wing, the Jordan South district councillor, he fears that some of the residents have fled because of the leaked info on the news.

There are at least 1,700 police personnel and disciplinary officers overseeing the entire lockdown process.

As at Friday, Hong Kong had 61 new Covid-19 patients; 55 were local transmissions. Out of that, 24 of the cases were from Yau Tsim Mong. Eight of these cases were discovered in a mandatory testing zone.

Featured Image: Yung Chi Wai Derek / Shutterstock.com