Hong Kong MCD New Menu is Inspired by Nicholas Tse


If you’ve grown up watching Hong Kong dramas, Nicholas Tse should be a familiar name (and face) to you.

A songwriter, an actor and a singer, Tse is one of the most celebrated stars in Hong Kong. And as if he wasn’t talented enough already, the charming 38-year-old has ventured into the food arena in recent years.


Image: taufulou.com

If you haven’t guessed it by now, Tse’s latest collaboration is with McDonald’s Hong Kong.

Yeah, our number one go-to place for burger and fries.

But what’s new is that Tse has paired up with McDonald’s Hong Kong to come up with a special menu, one that is inspired by his childhood favorites.

Are you a big fan of Hong Kong’s delicacies? Or just a fan of that handsome face? Either way, you’re gonna fall in love with My Taste of Hong Kong (the name of this special menu).


My Taste of Hong Kong features unique combinations of fast food with traditional Hong Kong-style street fare.

According to 8 days, the menu includes food items such as a Bolognese and Fried Egg Angus Beef Burger, a Fried Onion Crispy Pork Cutlet Burger, Siew Mei-flavored and Typhoon Shelter Crab-flavored shaker fries, a Cookie and Milk Tea McFlurry ice cream and an Orange Punch.

Sounds like my cup of nai cha. As they say, a video is worth a million words…

‘Chef Nic’ Cookies

In 2015, Tse started his bakery business and launched his own cookies brand– Chef Nic’s cookies. These cookies come in four flavors and represent the life experience of an individual.

Sounds great right?

But just a couple of months back, Hong Kong’s food safety authority, Centre for Food Safety (CFS), pulled Tse’s cookies from the shelves.

According to Toggle, a random check conduced by the CFS detected that 17.6g of sugar per 100g of cookies, which is five times the amount stated on its nutrition label: 3g of sugar per 100g of cookies.

This also meant that a bag of Tse’s cookies far exceeded the World Health Organisation’s recommended sugar intake per day. As a result, the brand was under scrutiny for cheating its consumers.

Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles right?

However, Tse had stepped in to reassure his consumers that his cookies were safe to be consumed. He also argued that the incident was a “random check”, and thus not representative of the sugar levels in his cookies.

As for his burgers?

Well, if you’re in McDonald’s Hong Kong, do tell us if the taste as good as McSpicy. ‘Coz we might just do a review of them by flying over to Hong Kong (if we managed to steal our boss’s credit card).

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