Hong Kong Medical Workers Voted to Strike as Gov Refused Their Demand to Shut Entry Points from China

Last Updated on 2020-02-03 , 5:44 pm

All over the world, countries are beginning to deny entry for those who have been to Wuhan or China.

In Singapore, visitors who have recent travel history to China will not be allowed to enter or even transit here.

This came after an online petition cropped up and garnered over 100,000 signatures in favour of banning travellers from China.

Some other countries like Hong Kong, however, have yet to make such a drastic move, and it’s not sitting well with its medical workers.

Hong Kong Medical Workers Voted to Strike as Gov Refused Their Demand to Shut Entry Points from China

It was reported that thousands of Hong Kong medical professionals voted to start a five-day strike after the government did not adhere to their demand to shut all entry points from China.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that the reason for this is because the Wuhan virus is in full swing.

The virus is also showing no signs of abating as the number of confirmed cases climb sky-high and stands at more than 14,000 confirmed cases all over the world and over 300 deaths in China.

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To make matters worse, China has just reported a H5N1 bird flu outbreak in Hunan province.

The Hospital Authority Employees Alliance said that around 99% of “yes” votes were cast by its members on Saturday wherein over 9,000 members pledged to participate.

They will suspend non-emergency services by the city’s Hospital Authority and later only offer limited emergency needs.

Hong Kong Authorities Don’t Want To Shut Borders With China

Hong Kong authorities have not given in and refuse to shut its borders with China despite pressure from groups.

Hong Kong itself has at least 13 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

The government has extended school holidays and suspended residents of China’s Hubei province, which is the epicentre of the outbreak from entering the city.

Some groups have chastised the decision saying that measures put into place by the Hong Kong authorities are “doomed to fail” if they choose to ignore the core of the issue.

“As country after country begins to announce the banning of foreigners’ entry from China, the Hong Kong government chooses to keep its doors wide open.”

Countries such as Australia, the United States, Vietnam and Italy have all placed various travel restrictions when it comes to travellers from China.

However, Hong Kong remains firm in their decision as the Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam waved off requests to close Hong Kong’s borders to China, citing that complete border closure is “not the right answer”.