This horrifying video of a man swallowing live frogs, fish and tadpoles will turn you off seafood for life


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

A shocking footage of a man purportedly from China swallowing live animals has gone viral on the net these past few weeks.

The video of this man was first picked up by the Daily Mail on April 26th and has been shocking netizens all over the world with his nausea-inducing feat.

The man, who did not introduce himself in the video, is said to be from Shenyang in Liaoning Province, China.

What has got netizens completely disgusted is the fact that he managed to swallow several underwater creatures alive and whole, not to mention kicking in what he called a “heroic” attempt.

In the video, he proudly shows them off and we can see three entire frogs, some tadpoles and two fishes. The video begins with him, apparently at home, saying in thick accented Mandarin “Let’s have a heroic challenge! Can you see one frog, two frogs, three frogs… a tadpole, a catfish. Look how big they are, come on let’s get it going” as he shakes a bottle of water containing the creatures around.

He proceeds to angle the camera to give a close-up of the animals, which appear to alive.

Without missing a beat, he proceeds to swallow the entire bottle, water and creatures whole, while not even gagging once.

Of course, he does it in a few swallows, so that you see all the gory details of frog legs and fins sticking out of his mouth at various times, making your gag reflexes go all crazy.

After the challenge, the seemingly unaffected guy even smirks and gives the thumbs up to his camera, while showing off the empty bottle. Apparently some netizens have been expressing anger at his video as they believe it represents animal cruelty. Others think that it’s fake and a product of clever video editing.

Although many acknowledge that he did it for the lols, others have pointed out that swallowing live sea creatures has been viewed as a health enhancing activity by some branches of Chinese medicine.


Another group disagree and said that this video only encourages the myth that Chinese people eat all sorts of weird things. Of course, nobody is interested what the amphibians in the bottle had to say.

While the truth may never be fully known, viewers can be sure that nowadays, people will do and say almost anything for some internet fame.

You can watch the video below, but don’t do it if you’re eating. Don’t say we never tell you ah!