S’pore Employer Relates Horror Job Interviews With S’poreans, Says It’s Not Them Who Don’t Want To #SupportLocal


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Companies have definitely been hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak, and there are way too many applications and too little vacancies.

However, just because things are tough, it does not mean that finding a job is impossible.

Unless, of course, you have really high expectations and you’re not willing to compromise even when we’re in the middle of a global pandemic.

Employer Interviewed 7 Singaporean Job-Seekers

An employer in Singapore recently took to Facebook to share his experience interviewing 7 Singaporean job-seekers.

He did not state when exactly the interviews took place, but it is safe to assume that it was probably a few months into the Covid-19 situation.

The 7 young Singaporean candidates were interviewing for a job that pays a salary of over $3,000 a month, with 14 days of annual leave.


However, all 7 of them had their own issues with the job and had quite a number of requests for the employer.

Almost All Candidates Had Monetary Requests

The first candidate stated that he would not like to work on weekends, and also mentioned that he would prefer working from home instead of on-site. When informed that he might occasionally be required to work on weekends, he asked for overtime weekend allowance, insisting that it was required by the law.

The second applicant had an issue with the location of the office as it was too far from her home. However, she said that she would consider the job if the company could provide her with transport allowances.

Applicant three expected this job to match her previous salary of $6,000 a month, while the fourth one requested for a few assistants to help him to do some of his work.


When he was told that the company could not afford it as they were an SME, he decided to skip the interview completely.

The fifth hoped for 21 days of annual leave instead of 14, as that is what he had at his previous company.

The sixth applicant was extremely honest. She asked for a higher salary, and when she was told that it was not possible, she requested that the termination notice be shortened to one week instead of one month.

“I am taking the job to survive for the time being while I wait for a better opportunity,” she said.

The last applicant wanted a guaranteed Annual Wage Supplement and a one-month minimum VB to be written on his contract, as his previous company, an MNC, did so. He went on to give the employer a lecture on staff engagement and work-life balance.

After talking about all 7 interviews, the employer ended his post with a simple statement:

“So stop blaming companies for considering non-locals. We did try our best.”

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Seemed Like The Employer Was Being Interviewed

The employer said that he felt as though he was the one being interviewed, due to the many requests of the interviewees.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The applicant has every right to ask questions and make requests if they feel the need to do so.

However, keeping in mind that the economy is suffering and that there are certain restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is also important to be willing to compromise.


The employer also received a number of supporting comments on the Facebook post, with many of them encouraging him to continue his search to find the right candidate for the job.

There were also a few others who were employers themselves and could relate to his post, as they too had faced similar experiences while conducting interviews.

It is unclear what kind of job or industry he was interviewing the candidates for, but most industries are struggling during these tough times and it is understandable that they might be paying a lower salary.

So if you’re an unemployed Singaporean and you find yourself similar to any of these 7 candidates, you might want to be a little more understanding at your next job interview.

Featured Image: Facebook (Delane Lim) & The Riveter


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