Horses Spotted At Yishun Were Therapy Animals For Community Project Targeted At Youths, Special Needs & Elderly Folks

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So the other day, there was a big discussion about how it was so odd to spot a horse, of all animals, at Yishun the other day.

Then again, Yishun is known for a lot of peculiar things, with multiple cases of cat abuse and murder, as pointed out by my colleague too.

As he said, Goody Feed tried to reach out to the horse for comment about why exactly he was at Yishun, to which he simply replied with NEIGHHH and galloped away. Perhaps he was just shy and wanted to keep his motive a secret.

A Brief Recap Of What Went Down

On Tuesday, 15 October, Facebook user Honda William was on his way to work when he spotted a man leading a horse across the carpark near Blk 330 of Yishun Ring Road.

Image: Facebook (Honda William)

Another photo showcased another horse being led into a vehicle, presumably to bring them back to their stable.

Image: Facebook (Honda William)

Facebook user Honda William was shocked to see these horses and even though they blocked him from entering his car and leaving for work, he still recounted that it was an interesting experience and he was happy to see them because horses were definitely not a common sight in Yishun.

However, he wasn’t sure as to why the horses were there in the first place. This led to a lot of speculation in the comments section thread of his original post.

So Why Exactly Were The Horses There?

In an attempt to clear up the confusion, the Member of Parliament of Nee Soon GRC and the founder of Animals Concern Research and Education Society, Mr Louis Ng, broke the silence and finally told us why the horses were spotted at Yishun.

He wrote in a comment on the original Facebook post that the horses were involved in an upcoming community project, but he didn’t give us more details about the project. Instead, he said that he would share more about it on his Facebook page in November.

Image: Facebook (Honda William)

According to The Straits Timesthe horses are actually therapy animals that are trained to interact with youth, people with special needs, families and elderly with clinical depression and dementia.

A charity organisation, Equal Ark, has kindly organised a community programme where they would engage these horses to carry out horse-based therapy to those who need it.

Ahh, seeing such a beautiful horse up close is therapeutic enough. Can you imagine actually interacting with the horse for therapy?

Anyway, it was an interesting sight and we hope that the horse-based therapy for the Yishun residents would go well!

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