Hospitals Allowing Visitors from Phase One But There Would Be Conditions

As Singapore slowly exits the circuit breaker (if you can call it an exit), measures are progressively being lifted.

Even though there is still no news on when our favourite bubble tea stores will be opened again, patients warded in hospitals will be allowed to have visitors again in Phase One of the re-opening.

#babysteps right?

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Previously, as part of the stricter safe distancing measures, it was announced on April 9 that most patients in hospitals were not allowed to have visitors.

Restrictions For Visitors 

For starters, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced yesterday (22 May) that patients can only have visitors from the same or from one other household.

Although up to five visitors may pre-register to visit patients in the hospital, each patient will only be allowed one visitor at a time.

These measures are in place to protect patients who are still vulnerable to the virus.

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In addition, hospitals might also introduce further measures to space out visitations to avoid crowding.

MOH will consider further easing visitor restrictions from the second phase onwards to allow more family and friends to visit even though the overall visitor caps will still be in place.

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So to avoid making a wasted trip, do remember to check the hospital guidelines for visitations before making a visit to your loved ones who are admitted to the hospital.

And there’s more: more healthcare services would be allowed come Phase One.

Services That Can Continue 

Dental procedures such as scaling and polishing, fillings, crowns, dentures and orthodontic treatment will be allowed to resume.

*cue reliefs from people who’ve been sleeping through toothaches*

Preventive health services, such as vaccinations for flu, pneumococcal and recommended adult vaccinations; pre-enlistment screening will be allowed to resume on 2 June.

TCM needle acupuncture and other forms of traditional and complementary services for the management of medical conditions and symptom relief will also continue.

Specialist outpatient services, medical procedure and allied health services like surgeries for visually significant or advanced cataracts, hearing implants in children, joint surgeries for patients with severe impairment, all in-vitro fertilisation services and surveillance services including scopes for high-risk groups will also resume.

Although essential healthcare services can continue, physical visits should still be minimised and teleconsultation and medication delivery are still the preferred choice.

Healthcare Services That Have To Wait 

While the above list might sound like a lot, there are still some services that have not received the green light to resume.

For example, cancer screening and pre-employment medical screening will only be allowed at a later phase.

Services that alter appearance but do not cure or help improve illness will continue to be deferred. This means no Botox, fillers and threadlifts for now.

Aesthetic clinics are also included.

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