Man in Hougang Called the Police 80 Times a Year Due to ‘Noise’ His Neighbour Made


Last Updated on 2021-01-21 , 4:33 pm

Have you seen the movie Bad Neighbours? Well, think of this as Bad Neighbours: Singapore Version.

So, there’s this uncle who’s 57 years old, and he’s a retiree. He lives on Hougang Street 52.

He’s been having issues with different kinds of loud noises coming from the unit right above him. He’s even spoken to the people staying there a bunch of times to ask them to cut it with the sounds for the past year.

Mr Lu decided he has HAD IT. He shared with Lianhe Wanbao recently that there’s absolutely no sense talking to the unit owners anymore. The noises have not stopped, so he has resorted to reporting to the police itself.

Not just once. Or Twice.

80 times.

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What Actually Happened?

According to Mr Lu, the problem started creeping up towards the end of 2019.

At first, it sounded like kids were running around. Then he’d start getting sounds like chairs were being dragged and scraping the floor.

Then there were also frequent door-bang noises, also coming from the level above.

As the poor guy’s a retiree, he spends most of his time at home with his wife. No thanks to the sudden sound disturbances, both he and his wife can’t seem to get adequate rest anymore.


Calling the Cops 8 Times A Day

When the sounds really started to become intolerable, Mr Lu would resort to calling the cops up to eight times daily.

He believes that just in the past year he’s rung them about 80 times for the noise problem.

Finally, as the cops couldn’t do much to help stop the situation permanently, he’s resorted to putting a complaint through with the Community Disputes Resolution Act (CDRA).

So, how does the other side of the coin look like?

The Other Side of the Story

When interviewed by Wanbao, the 70-year-old couple who stays directly above Mr Lu are adamant that they are not causing the noises.

The old man who wants to remain unknown said that about 4 years back, he had got their tables and chairs bases covered with rubber padding. There’s also a door stopper to their door.

He added at the time of the complaint, his granddaughter was just learning how to take her first steps.

As the kid was instable, it would be natural for her to bump into tables and chairs.

He’s also frustrated with Mr Lu; despite what he’s done at his house to minimise the noise levels, Mr Lu has still resorted to calling the police way too many times last year.

He added that they really didn’t cause noise problems, but as Mr Lu does not want to believe his words, it’s going to be a very tiring matter.


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