How much does it cost for a single to survive in S’pore? Here’re the maths

Are you planning to be free and single your whole life? Many people might ask this question in a sarcastic way, but it’s a free world and mindsets are changing rapidly about singlehood. You can lead a life however you want, but are you prepared for it? Your friends might be budgeting for married life and BTO-ing, but that doesn’t mean that you are free from those worries! Check out the bare minimum costs and sums you probably have to be prepared for!

Your own room
Even if you are not planning to get married at all, you can’t possibly stay with your parents throughout your entire life right? There is just this sense of independence and complete liberty when you are living on your own outside without your parents fussing over you every second once you get home. We are talking about renting a room in an HDB flat, so if you are thinking of something more such as owning a flat, be prepared to fork out a much bigger sum.
Monthly minimum: $600 inclusive of bills and use of kitchen, or at least one-time payment of $63,000 for a 2-room flat (40 years lease)

Eating out or getting take-aways is super unhealthy, not to mention, expensive in the long run. If you want to be a single lady (or gentleman), at least train your cooking skills first. Don’t forget, if you are living by yourself now, the costs are going to be higher because you can’t buy things in bulk and split the costs!
Monthly minimum: $150 (groceries for dinner) + $200 (breakfast & lunch) = $350

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Even when we are talking about the bare minimum costs, you probably can’t live without any fun for your entire life. These entertainment costs include drinks and outings with your friends over the weekends.
Monthly minimum: $280 (assuming you spend $70 each weekend)

Let’s  not talk about having a car or taking taxi rides every single day, since they are luxuries. However, you are bound to have times when you wake up late for work, so we will include some leeway for a taxi ride now and then.
Monthly minimum: $120 for a monthly Adult concession, $50 for taxi rides

Handphone bill
It’s definitely essential to have a phone and a data plan nowadays, especially seeing as you won’t even have a home line if you are renting a room outside.
Monthly minimum: $50

Monthly contribution to parents
The least you can do for your parents is to provide them with a token sum every month to thank them for bringing you up. Once you start working and living independently, you will probably be so damn thankful.
Monthly minimum: $200

Let’s see. When we add up the costs, we get $1,650 monthly cost. Since people usually spend 90% of their take-home pay, we calculate that you have to be earning a take-home pay of about $1,833 at least, or $2,300 with CPF contributions. If you are looking for a flat, then that’s about $1,050 with an additional payment of $63,000.

So, are you ready for independent singlehood?

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