How to Know Whether a Hotel Room / AirBnB Apartment Has a Hidden Camera Easily


Last Updated on 2022-10-15 , 11:11 am

It might have been just baseless paranoia in the past, but not anymore.

Nowadays, neglecting to check for hidden cameras in your hotel room could potentially lead to some seriously private moments being caught on tape – I’m sure you would hate for your romantic moments to be up on auction on some shady site.

Therefore, start looking for hidden cameras every time you book into a hotel room.

It isn’t even that meddlesome – you just need a nice wireless camera detector, and maybe a bit of trickery and diggery.

If you had purchased a wireless camera detector beforehand, great. If you haven’t, get one from either the Internet or your local electronic store. First, you would have to use your smart phone to capture an electromagnetic field.

Once you’re done, look through your wireless camera detector. If you spot any red points in the field of vision, you would have successfully located the position of the hidden camera.

In the scenario that you’re missing a wireless camera detector, you could still locate possible hidden cameras.

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Simply turn off the lights and scrutinize the room for tiny red or green LED lights. See, some microphones have built-in indicator lights, and if the person behind them slips up or is plain careless, he or she might fail to cover up this glaring feature.

You could also use a spy camera detector gadget to locate hidden spy cameras.

Alternatively, you could look for holes and black dots in walls and apparatus – a spy camera could be hidden in them. Turn off the lights, get your nearest flashlight and scan through all the mirrors.

Once you’re done scanning, look for pinhole cameras. They might have a charge-coupled device resting right behind a tiny opening, in either a wall or an object.

Also, make sure to look through places where a microphone transmitter can easily be sneaked into. Alright, it might get a bit troublesome, and the worst thing that could is to locate nothing after two hours of endless searching through the room.

Just remember, though, that staying safe is always better than saying sorry.

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