Huang Wenyong’s Daughter Shared Her Father’s Story During His 10th-Year Death Anniversary


For those who grew up watching local television, such as Channel 8 shows, Huang Wenyong’s probably no stranger to you.

And it’s been ten years since the Malaysian-born star’s passing.

As one of local television’s most beloved “Ah Ges” (older brother), his death from lymphoma at the age of 60 in 2013 left many heartbroken.

Recently, Huang’s daughter, Nicole Ng, sat down with Shin Min Daily News to tell her and her father’s story in her own way.

Here’s what she has to say.

Time Has Indeed Healed Wounds; She is Left With Happy Memories of Her Father

When talking about her experience throughout the past decade, Ng said that time does indeed heal all wounds.

Now, she is left with blissful and happy memories of her father.


She also recounted how she gave a speech on behalf of her parents when Huang was posthumously awarded the Honorary TV Award during Star Awards 2013.

Ng, who was 22 at that time, mentioned how she feels that she is closer to her father now even though he is no longer alive as he now lives in his loved ones’ hearts.

Ng is Now a Mother, Still Thinks of Her Father Often

Ng, now 32, also revealed that she is now a mother.

She gave birth in January this year and was still in confinement when interviewed by Shin Min on Thursday (23 February).

When asked about when she thinks of her father, she said that she thinks of him whenever she reminisces about the past with her older brother and cousin.

In particular, they will talk about her father and his sense of humour.

Additionally, she gets reminded of him whenever she visits restaurants that she used to visit with her father or when she hears music that she used to like.

Still Keeps Memories of Father’s Career, Shows Are Still Available to Watch As Well

Ng also told Shin Min that even though her father is no longer here, she still gets to see him through the rebroadcast of shows that he acted in.

Apart from that, some of his shows, such as Don’t Worry Be Happy, Just in Singapore, and Homerun, are available on Netflix as well.

Beyond his shows, Ng and her older brother, 37-year-old Huang Runting, still keep their father’s trophies from Star Awards and magazine clippings that feature him.

They also scanned the clippings and digitised them as they have started to turn yellow.

When speaking of her brother, Ng requested to protect his privacy and only said that he has a stable job and lives an ideal life.

As for her, she started a company and started an interior design business.

Will Tell Her Son About His Grandfather

As for how she will introduce her son to her grandfather, Ng said she would definitely share the story of how Huang came to Singapore from Malaysia with just two sets of clothing and $50 with her son once he is old enough to understand.


She also mentioned that she cannot wait to tell her son that his grandfather would have loved him immensely if he was still alive and jokingly said that her father would’ve probably loved her son even more than her.

When speaking about her journey as a parent, she added light-heartedly that her father would’ve definitely nagged at her during her pregnancy and throughout parenthood if he had still been around.

According to her, he would also tell her not to do certain things and advise her on how to carry out certain actions better too.

Ng then said that she is sure her father also misses her.

Huang’s Wife Passed on Two Years Ago But Got to See Daughter Get Married; Ng Thanks Her In-Laws

More recently, Huang’s wife, Teh Kim Hua, passed away in March 2021 at the age of 65.

When talking about her mother’s passing, Ng said that her greatest consultation is that her mother got to see her get married before she passed away.


Apart from that, Ng also thanked her husband and parents-in-law.

Back then, her parents-in-law urged her husband to tie the knot with Ng quickly so that her mother could see her get married.

The couple ended up planning the wedding in just three months, allowing Ng’s mother to watch her get married before she passed on.

Ng added that her mother would not have gotten to see her get married if they had waited until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After her mother’s passing, Ng shared that her mother-in-law gave her a lot of motherly love.


In particular, she even cooked an entire reunion meal for Ng, her brother and her cousin during the first Chinese New Year that Ng spent without her mother and prepared tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) during the Winter Solstice as well.

Ng commented that her mother-in-law treated her as if she was her own daughter after Teh passed, and Ng expressed her gratitude towards her as well.

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Ng’s In-Laws are Fans of Huang

As for her husband and his family, Ng also revealed that they are actually fans of Huang and have watched his shows.

She and her husband, who is Indian, met while studying in polytechnic and became a couple after starting off as friends.

After dating for four years, they got engaged at the end of 2019 and had their wedding ceremony at the start of 2020.

She recounted how her parents-in-law were extremely excited after finding out that she was Huang’s daughter, as they were fans of him and his work.

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