Huawei Gave Powerbanks to People Queuing for New iPhones with a ‘Burn’

This morning, as you woke up to the sounds of your damn alarm, something revolutionary happened (again).

iPhone diehard fans, who obviously wasn’t there to buy the phones to resell so as to make a tidy profit, decided to brave the rain and the Z-monster and queued up overnight once again to be the first few warriors to hold up the iPhone like how Link held the treasure he found just about anywhere.


It’s an annual event and I’m pretty sure they’re there for the atmosphere, and not because they didn’t know how to shop online.

I mean, they’re Apple users: how can they not know what online shopping is?

So, according to reports, the first person in the queue, who hails all the way form Vietnam, had started queuing since 7:00 a.m. on Thursday.

If my maths teacher has taught me well, he has been queuing for more than 24 hours.

But hey, we laymen won’t understand.

Then it turned out that companies have expected the queue, and decided to add some fun to the queue.

Deliveroo Delivers to People in Queue

I kid you not.

If you’ve been going apeshit over your food delivery personnel losing his or her way and finally arriving ten hours later with your lunch that has turned into a supper, then you’d be glad to know that this would train the delivery personnel well.

According to Mothership, Deliveroo is offering delivery to people in the queue: all you need to do is to set your address as Apple Orchard Road, Singapore 238857 and your queue position, and a kangaroo would send the food direct to you.

I’ve no idea how you’ll know your queue position and how the kangaroo would know the position as well, but let’s just say that it’s one heck of a publicity stunt that marketers would be proud of.

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But hey, this is nothing compared to what Huawei is doing.

Huawei Allegedly Spotted Giving Power Banks to People Queuing for iPhone

In Misssomethinghigh’s hierarchy of needs, it indicates that the top two needs for any human to survive are these: 4G /Wifi connection and smartphone with battery.

Huawei, being a phone manufacturer, might not be able to provide Internet connection, but they decided to go with batteries instead since everyone would have a phone.

Huawei staff were allegedly spotted giving power banks to people in the queue.

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But what’s even more ingenious is this:


Ouch, the burn.

If you can’t read the words on the box, here goes:

“Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei.”

Just some numbers that might explain the burn: Huawei’s latest flagship phone, the P20 Pro, has a 4000 mAh battery, while iPhone XS Max, the latest iPhone, has a 3174 mAh battery.

According to Mothership, about 200 power banks were given. Reports stated that the queue has about 800 people, so nearly 25% of the people queuing for an iPhone has a piece of Huawei.


I’m not sure about you, but I’ve only two words for Huawei.

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Huawei Just Recently Overtook Apple

About two months ago, Apple fans were hit with news that would shatter their dreams: Huawei overtook its position and became the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, just behind Samsung.

In Q2 2018, Huawei shipped 54 million handsets compared to Apple’s 41.3 million handsets, meaning that it has a market share of 15.8% compared to Apple’s 12.1%.

Let’s just say that if Huawei continues their style of marketing, I won’t be surprised if Samsung is dethroned.

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