Huawei Saga Shows How Cute The Elderly Are & How Professional The Police Are

Image: YouTube (Tiffany Swift)


If you don’t live in a bubble, you’d know that the people who built our country to this prosperous nation didn’t have it easy.

From a seven-day-per-week manual job to sudden water storage, these people have experienced them all.

Which is why they’re always so fascinated when they see beautiful lights in town, because back then, luxury like these don’t exist. And that’s also the reason why, when Singapore is much wealthier now, that we’re starting to give back to them, by calling them the Pioneer Generation and the Merdeka Generation.

Needless to say, even if they’ve a million dollars in their bank account, their life experiences would have made them thrifty, unlike a rich parent’s kid who could spend his parents’ money without batting an eye.

You could see them queuing up for free toilet papers even if they can afford them, and that’s just how they are: they’re there to take the freebies and chat with their friends.

So when Huawei has a phone that’s going for $54 instead of $198?

You can bet that they’ll be there even if they don’t need the phone and are still using a Nokia phone, simply because the past has taught them to be thrifty.

And also, cute.


This article isn’t published to bring in traffic using the Huawei saga, but to let people know that despite news of an auntie being arrested, and various footages of angry elderly, a majority of them aren’t like that.

Instead, like what you’ll see later, some of them are there to “see see look look.”

Video Footage of Elderly Being Understanding and Chit-Chatting Made the Rounds

Anyone would be mad when they’ve queued for hours only to realise that the promotion isn’t what it seems to be.

Throw a millennial in and we’ll see countless online shaming, online humblebragging and online criticism.

Throw a Gen-Zer in and we’ll see them mocking the elderly, posting them on Instagram Stories and TikTok and then fleeing off with their e-scooter.

Throw a person who’s been through shit in the past as the pioneers of Singapore, and they’ll talk to the other elderly around them, chit-chatting, complaining with a smile and then telling the police officers that it’s not their fault.

I reckon some of them might even offer a drink to a police officer.

They’ll say things like “doing business like this is suicide” with a laugh or “no lah they cannot use Singapore National Day like this…no lah, just here to see drama lah” without filming anything down.

Then they’ll most likely head down to a nearby coffeeshop for some kopi-O kosong and chat about where to buy cheaper broccolis #truestory #weknowthishappened

Here’s the video:

Look closely (ignore the title of the video) and you’ll see that the elderly, as they spoke, they spoke with a smile or a laugh.

Cute, isn’t it? Why are we still calling them kiasu, or commenting stuff like “Huawei doesn’t force them to queue”?

You might be angry online but the real people there might have made a few more friends because they’ve experienced kampong spirit again: the spirit that they were so used to many years ago.

But you’d have noticed something.

The cops.


“Breathe”, “Go home”

If there’s something good out from this, it’s that our confidence for our SPF has just increased twofold again.

Watch the video and you’d see policemen keeping calm and composed, pacifying the elderly and even nodding along with them. One of them even spoke Hokkien to the elderly, and kept on telling them to “breathe” and calm down, a clear sign that they’re really sincere about their well-being instead of just wanting them to dissipate.

I don’t know about you, but when the elderly called him “mata, mata, mata”, it melted my heart.

Even the elderly buay tahan and told him that it’s not his fault.

Image: gifpy

So, if you’ve been reading about angry elderly, maybe share this article and show the world that our old folks are super cute and our police force is super professional.


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