Huawei S’pore Shows How People Are Still Supporting Them During PC Show

As a dedicated Manchester United fan, I’ve always pledged my allegiance to the Red Devils (nickname for the club).

Arsenal might play more beautiful football; Real Madrid might have the biggest stars; but as far as I’m concerned, Man Utd is the only club for me.

“Bro,” my friend once asked me. “What happens if Man Utd stops winning? What if they become a mid-table club? Would you still call yourself a Red Devil?”

In response, I simply looked at him. “Always.”

And well, it seems that his question actually became rhetorical; Man Utd has been struggling of late, and its dominance in the past seems to be more of a memory, than an actual trait of the club.

Yet, true to my words, I never stopped supporting the club. And when my friend asked me again, I simply replied:

“My love for the club is like the locals’ love for Huawei.”

“It might’ve fallen, but it doesn’t make my support any less.”

Huawei S’pore Shows How People Are Still Supporting Them During PC Show

Lest you haven’t been keeping up with the Huawei-ans, here’s a brief update:

Just two weeks ago, Google actually suspended its business with Huawei, in the midst of an expanding trade and tech war between the United States and China.

The move, unorthodox as it was, ultimately led to mobile phone shops in Singapore halting the purchase of used Huawei phones from customers, for fear that they would not have resale value.

Several shoppers henceforth abstained from buying Huawei phones, or at least until they obtain more clarity on how the tensions will map out.

So yeah, not exactly the best turnout for Huawei, but then again what else do you really expect from such an ill falling-out?

Yet, despite all of the negativity, the telco sought to dispel all the worries abound.

And its statement on Monday, headlined “Singaporean consumers rally behind Huawei”, served to do just that, with positive comments from several local Huawei phone users who had visited the company’s booth at The PC Show this past weekend.

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Image: Huawei

Singaporean consumers rally behind Huawei

46-year-old Joe Lum, for one, was all for Huawei’s amazing cameras.

“I would still buy the phone in a heartbeat because its cameras are amazing for a photography enthusiast like myself,” he said.

Which is true. If you’ve seen an image with a Huawei phone, you’ll be wowed.

And “long-time” supporter Daniel Lim, 31, was evidently on the same side. “There are no other phones that are in the same league as Huawei given its solid hardware. Its innovations are driven by the company’s relentless attitude and I believe that it’s a brand that is here to stay no matter the ongoing challenges.”

In the statement, Huawei expressed how it has transcended mere boundaries of being a brand name, and explained how its “values of resilience and tenacity” have garnered respect among customers.

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“The company is dedicated to create meaningful products and technologies whilst putting customers at the centre of its business,” it said.

The firm also thanked the firm’s customers for their support.


“The backbone of our success over the years has always been our customers who support the brand and believe in the innovations we offer.”

Is it truly a downturn?

According to TODAYonline, Huawei reportedly invested 14.1% of its sales revenue in research and development (R&D), ranking fifth globally in the European Union Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard.

And over in Singapore, it has allegedly doubled its growth year-on-year and is believed to be expanding its services, including Service Day (takes place on the first weekend of every month), to offer after-sales care to customers.

You might not know this, but out of ten friends you know, one’s using a Huawei. Damn I can’t even find a Red Devil out of hundred friends. Or maybe I don’t have enough friends.

Plus, with Mr Zhao Ming, the president of Honor, one of Huawei’s smartphone brands, stating at a media briefing in Shanghai that telco’s currently observing and evaluating the situation, I just have one thing to say:


Don’t disregard Huawei just yet.

Because it might yet make a comeback.


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