Huawei Suddenly Back in SD Association So They Might Still Be Able to Use SD Card

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are that you’ve heard of the Huawei saga recently.

After releasing a phone with a camera that could zoom so far out into space that the Avengers could have used to it find Thanos, the Chinese technology giant has been faced with multiple hurdles lately.

And one of its latest was the danger of losing Bluetooth on top of its memberships in the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association. You may read up here to catch up on the saga.

Huawei Users

Are you one of those planning to throw away or sell your Huawei phone? Countless users are already doing it on Carousell.

Even mobile phone shops have declared them to be worth “$0 resale value”. Yes, even the P30’s insane camera zoom couldn’t save them this time.

You must be aiming your Huawei phone at the rubbish bin by now.

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If you are, don’t do it! Chotto matte! Hold up just a minute!

Something’s New Came Up

Just when the future seemed grim for Huawei and the avid users of its phones, hope is rising anew.

Huawei appears to be bouncing back into the game.

The IT company has been reinstated in the SD Association, on top of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Alliance.

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It is truly a time to rejoice for Huawei phone users, as losing three integral modern technological phone functions would truly cripple the giant.

Yes, this means you don’t need to throw or sell your Huawei phone just yet.

What It Means

Your SD card will remain compatible, as well as keeping its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions.

Well technically, according to an official statement by the SD Association, Huawei’s membership was never explicitly revoked. Their status was merely “modified” to comply with the Department of Commerce’s order by the Trump Administration.

Also, Huawei was never really “out” of the Wi-Fi Alliance either. It was stated in the official statement that the Alliance merely “temporarily restricted” Huawei’s participation.

Here’s the full statement:

“Wi-Fi Alliance is fully complying with the recent U.S. Department of Commerce order without revoking Huawei Technologies membership. Wi-Fi Alliance has temporarily restricted Huawei Technologies participation in Wi-Fi Alliance activities covered by the order.”

So it feels like everyone may have overreacted a bit after all.

However, Huawei is not completely out of the danger yet. The list of major partners they’ve lost still include Google, Intel, QualComm, Broadcom, and many more.

But with this news, it feels like Huawei may yet find a way back into being a top dog in the smartphone competition.