Huawei To Release Phones With HongMeng OS By End-2019

Recently, Huawei took Singapore by storm. Mainly the elderly looking to purchase a new phone.

Before that, they made headlines globally for their restriction on Google’s Android.

If you missed the whole Huawei and Google fiasco, here’s what you need to know.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s start from where we left off.

Following news of their ban imposed by Google, Huawei revealed that they have been working on their own operating system (OS) which could potentially replace the Android OS.

Their newly developed OS known as “HongMeng” would work the same way as Android to ensure the continued use by current users.

Furthermore, it was only a matter of time before the Chinese company gains complete control of their products, without depending on third-parties.

The downside? New Huawei users would have to say goodbye to big names from Google i.e. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and settle for the Chinese alternative.

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Fast forward a few months, it appears that the Chinese company has got it all sorted out.

Huawei smartphones with HongMeng OS to be available soon

The Tech world has been on a roller coaster ride called “Huawei” the past few months and the ride has yet to reach the most thrilling part – Huawei is back with their very own OS.

According to Global Times, Huawei has been busy getting its hands dirty with numerous tests of the highly-anticipated HongMeng OS.

Sources state that these tests include checking its compatibility with Android applications and assessing its cryptographic functions which are said to better protect personal data.

Well, it seems that hard work has paid off for the Chinese Tech Giant with the announcement of new smartphones equipped with their very own OS to be released towards the end of the year.

According to sources, the phones which will have up to several million units in stock retails at about 2,000 yuan (approximately S$392.08).

It is said to be intended for “low and medium-end markets”. In doing so, Huawei can successfully expand without burning a hole in their users’ pockets, as mentioned by analysts.

HongMeng OS to be released on 9 Aug

Like a student who is confident in his school project, Huawei is excited to show the world (particularly its naysayers) its self-developed OS.

If that’s right up your alley, stay tuned to Huawei’s Developer Conference which will take place on 9 August (Friday) in Dongguan, China for a glimpse of the HongMeng OS.

The Honor smart TV series will be the first batch of devices to be equipped with the HongMeng OS. These would be available from 10 August (Saturday), according to reports.

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Of course, the smart TV is just the beginning. In time to come, the HongMeng OS will be integrated into other areas such as remote medical services, autonomous driving and industrial control.

Huawei has great plans in store but as of now, their main priority is “to attract as many developers as they can to build an ecosystem”.

Mark my words. If all goes well, soon, everything made in china will function on Huawei’s HongMeng.


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