Someone Hung a Chair to Dry Outside Bukit Merah HDB Flat; Town Council Has Since Responded

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time here on Earth and I’ve seen my share of strange things.

Like people cutting holes in their face mask so they can breathe:

Image: NZ Herald

Or dogs moving fans and posing for selfies:

But this… this is something I don’t think any human on the planet has ever seen before.

It will leave your eyebrows furrowed and your head itchy.

It will make you question everything you think you know about air-drying.

It will, well, just take a look.

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Someone Hung a Chair to Dry Outside Bukit Merah HDB Flat

In what must be one of the most bizarre sights caught on camera, an office chair was seen hanging on bamboo poles at a Housing Board (HDB) flat’s window.

Image: Stomp

The passerby who saw the dangling chair at Block 129 Bukit Merah View on 25 June shared photos with Stomp, saying she was concerned.

“Apparently someone thought this was an acceptable and safe way to dry their office chair using wooden poles”, she said.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had to dry any of my chairs. Why the heck was it so wet in the first place?

Maybe they spilled a giant cup of water on it or accidentally showered with it in the bathroom, sure.

But they could have left it near a window to dry.

There’s a reason why we’re told not to keep flower pots and other heavy items on window ledges because they could seriously injure or even kill people if they were to fall on them.

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Sure, it looks like the offender stays on the second storey, but the chair could still cause a major injury were it to fall on someone.

Image: Stomp

As the netizen who took the photos said: “What if someone was walking below and the chair dropped? It’s so inconsiderate and selfish of them not to think of other people’s safety.”

It certainly is.

Town Council Has Since Responded

Speaking to Stomp,  a Tanjong Pagar Town Council spokesman said that they have checked the block and the chair is no longer there.

“As we are now aware of the unit which placed the chair so precariously, we will work with the Residents’ Committee to educate the people staying in the unit not to do so again because of safety considerations.”

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I never thought I’d have to say this, but please don’t hang your office chair, or any heavy object, out your window to dry.

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