It’s Now the Hungry Ghost Month 2023. Here Are 10 Taboos You Should Know About


Hungry Ghost Month 2023 is from 16 August to 14 September, with the Hungry Ghost Festival falling on 30 August 2023.

As to why it starts so late, you might want to watch this video to the end:

The Hungry Ghost Festival is like the Halloween of the East, but with a twist. Imagine the gates of Hell swinging open, and spirits, both good and bad, coming out for a visit. Sounds like a ghostly reunion, right?

But while it’s a party for them, for us mortals, it’s a month of being extra careful. So, if you don’t want to accidentally offend a wandering spirit, here are 10 things you absolutely cannot do.

Or, in Singlish, die-die-must-avoid.

Roadside Offerings: Look, Don’t Kick!

First things first, those roadside offerings? They’re not for you. They’re for the spirits. So, if you see fruits, rice, or other offerings by the roadside, don’t be that rude dude who kicks them.

Paper Money: Step Off, Not On!

Just like the food offerings, paper money and other paper goodies are burnt for the spirits. If you see them or their ashes on the ground, avoid stepping on them. But if you accidentally do, a whispered “sorry” might just save your day (and night).

Night Owls, Beware During Hungry Ghost Month 2023

Love partying till dawn? Maybe skip it this month.

Spirits are most active between 2 am to 4 am. So, if you’re out, you might just bump into one. And trust me, that’s one party crasher you don’t want.

Fashion Alert: No RED or BLACK After Dark

Red and black might be your fashion go-to, but during this month, maybe opt for pastels, especially if you’re out past 11 pm.

Wearing these colors might just make you a spirit magnet.

Got Your Back, But Don’t Look Back!

If someone calls or taps you from behind, resist the urge to look. We have protective lights on our shoulders and forehead. Turn around, and you might just “switch off” your protection. And always keep that forehead uncovered!

“Dirty” Places: Just Say No During Hungry Ghost Month 2023

Some places are spirit favorites. Think abandoned buildings, cemeteries, the Goody Feed office or that creepy tree in the park. Avoid these spots at night unless you want some ghostly company.

Walls: Not Just for Leaning

Love leaning against walls? Maybe not this month. Spirits find walls cool and comfy. So, lean, and you might just get too close for comfort.

Nail It Right: Ditch the Black

Ladies, black nail polish might be chic, but during this month, go for something brighter. Unless you want spirits thinking you’re one of them. And remember, spirits might just want to follow you everywhere, even to the restroom.

Umbrellas: Not Indoor Decors

Old Chinese movies weren’t kidding. Spirits can chill under umbrellas. So, if it’s wet, let it dry in the bathroom without opening it. A smelly umbrella is better than a haunted one.


Night Laundry: Not a Good Idea

Washing clothes at night and hanging them outside? Spirits might just try them on. And trust me, you don’t want to bring that spirit inside with your laundry. So, wash during the day and keep them in before sunset. If you’re in an HDB flat, you’re safe. Just avoid nighttime washing.

So there you have it, folks! The Hungry Ghost Festival is all about respecting traditions and staying safe. Follow these tips, and you’ll sail through without any spooky encounters.