Husband Beat On Wife Brutally As 2YO Son Watches

When you get married, you’re supposed to say stuff like:

  • To respect you in your successes and your failures
  • Care for you in sickness and health
  • To cherish and protect you

And you’re supposed to mean it.

Unfortunately, not every marriage results in the happily-ever-after that you envision.

Some might fail because of personality differences. Others might fail because a partner cheats.

And then, you have those who failed because, well, either the husband or the wife (gender equality, yeah?) resorted to violent tendencies.

Like this South Korean husband.

What Happened

A two-minute, thirty-three-second video recently surfaced on the internet went viral.

The content? It showed a man beating on a woman.

According to reports, the man is 36 years old and lives in the South Jeolla Province of Korea. The woman is his 30-year-old Vietnamese wife.

The incident reportedly happened on 4 July 2019 at around 9 pm. That night, his wife had cooked Vietnamese cuisine for dinner and he was extremely unhappy about it.

Apparently, he did not like Vietnamese food and had told her multiple times not to make it.

Triggered, he flew into a rage and started beating on her.

A Beating That Lasted Three Hours

According to LTN, the beating lasted far longer than 2 minutes 33 seconds. It actually lasted 3 hours.

Image: YouTube

Throughout his punches and kicks, the man was spewing expletive after expletive. Meanwhile, the wife could only put her hands up to protect her head and endured helplessly.

But that’s not the worse thing in this incident.

It Happened In Front Of Their 2YO Son

The couple’s two-year-old son was spotted crying in the video as well.

Image: YouTube

Finally, the man stopped beating his wife. As if nothing has happened, he told her to stop crying and put their son to bed.

Then, he walked off.

Police Alerted & Responded Immediately

A friend of the wife lodged a police report on Friday, 5 July.

Seeing as it’s a situation that required immediate attention, the police officers from Yeongam Police Station in South Jeolla Province jumped into action.

They moved the woman and her son to a local shelter away from their abuser and arrested the man without a warrant on Saturday, 6 July 2019.


The Aftermath

The wife is currently receiving treatment at the hospital for injuries, including fractured ribs, which will take about four weeks to recover.

Meanwhile, the police are requesting an arrest warrant for the man for abusing his wife and violating the Child Welfare Law.

It was revealed that this isn’t the first time the man had beaten his wife. He had allegedly done so late last month as well.

He was also said to swear at her often after drinking and scold her for her poor language skills.

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