Husband Complained About Oil Pad Inside Wife’s Bra Online; Only to Realise It’s Push-Up Bra

Have you ever been so frustrated by your boyfriend or your husband who doesn’t understand you at all sometimes?

And the tough things a woman has to go through, even after you explain it to them?

We’ve all been there, done that.


Regarding feminine things like your monthly visitor or bras, there are a lot of things men don’t know about, right ladies?

Sometimes, they might even do seemingly brainless things due to their lack of understanding.

Oil Scare

A Taiwanese man shared a story on a members-only Facebook page called Complain Community (Singaporeans should have one too for all the complaining we do).

He shared about how he accidentally sat on his wife’s bra one day and was extremely shocked when oil started oozing out of it.

Of course, he was curious as to why bras have oil in them, for those things don’t go together, and made the executive decision of cutting up the bra with a pair of scissors.

Ouch, I can feel the pinch, those things are expensive!

Image: Facebook/Complain Community

He then found a pad filled with oil sewn into the bra cup.

Image: Facebook/Complain Community

As if cutting up one of his wife’s expensive bras wasn’t enough, without permission too, mind you, he proceeded to cut up three more similar looking ones and found more oil pads.

Image: Facebook/Complain Community

After taking photos of his mindblowing new findings, he went to the Facebook group to berate bra manufacturers.

He said that they were putting women in danger by sewing in oil pads into bras and promise to dissuade his wife from buying these types of bra anymore.

Bad Comments

It’s quite funny how he’s so naive.

Some commenters on the post thought so too, criticising him for overreacting and cutting up his wife’s bras without asking her first.

It was also revealed that these bras go for NT$4,980 or SGD$218, so many were bashing him for destroying these expensive assets as well.

In case you didn’t know, yes, bras can be that expensive. 


Granted, he did do it out of concern as he was afraid that the oil in these pads may be flammable or cause harm to his wife.

So it’s still quite sweet to see how much he cares for his wife’s safety and health.

But still, don’t cut up your wife or girlfriend’s bras, please, for I can assure you they won’t find it sweet at all.

What Are These Magic Oil Filled Padded Bras?

It’s time for a lesson on bras.

The bras that the man’s wife owned were actually push-up bras, and these usually contain padded inserts that are filled with gel or a mixture of water and oil. Sometimes, like the one his wife owns, palm oil is used as a substitute. It serves as a comfortable cushion to give women that extra push if needed.


But, you know, it’s not completely leak-free for the oil may leak out and cause a mess if the padding bursts.

But that usually only happens when the bra has already been used for a long time. While it isn’t harmful per se, it’s horribly inconvenient.

It’s Not A Secret

In 2016, famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret was embroiled in a PR crisis after a customer complained on Reddit that she went to sleep in her bra, and woke up to her bed and clothes soaked with oil from the padding inside her bra.

Many other women faced the same problem and some even began to swear off these liquid push-up bras.

If you’re a woman and already own one of these bras, just make sure to replace it if you’ve been using it for over a year to prevent it from bursting open.


There’s always normal push up bras with plush padding instead to consider if you don’t wish for oil spills to happen on your very own body.

And dear men, the next time you’re curious about something like that, ask her first.

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