Husband Danced in Delivery Room To Distract Wife In Labour From Pain & Fear


Partners are aplenty in this world, but genuine and passionate partners?

Rare. Especially in this superficial world.

I mean; just look at the world around you. Look at that online series ‘How To Catch A Cheater’. Look at your neighbour Ah Hock and his philandering wife Ai Shuai Nan.

It’s so hard to find true love nowadays.

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Yet, even as hope ebbs away slowly in the wake of such incidents, there are cases out there that serve to restore our faith in couples, love and everything nice.

And this article is a sample piece of that.

Husband Danced in Delivery Room To Distract Wife In Labour From Pain & Fear

Is there a husband of the year 2019? Because if there wasn’t, there’s definitely one now. But before I proceed with the award presentation, here’s a rough recap of what went down.

According to Oriental Daily, a woman from Hainan, China, was rushed to the hospital at 3:00 a.m. on 27 June after going into labour. And like most brave husbands, Wang, her loving husband, followed his wife into the labour room.

Being a first-time mother, and also of advanced maternal age (above 35 years old), the labour process proved to be especially hard for the wife. Drenched in sweat because of the enormous amount of pain from labour, she was reportedly also anxious about the delivery.

Seeing this, Wang was allegedly heartbroken and nervous, and so he requested the doctor to give her epidural anaesthesia so that her pain could subside.

But did he stop there? No.

Being a dance instructor, Wang crafted a last-minute plan to cheer his wife up.

By dancing right there, right then, in front of an in-labour wife as well as all the other medical personnel in the room.

“Honey, let me dance for you! I’m sure you won’t be in so much pain after watching me dance!” he reportedly said, before turning on the music and commencing a traditional dance, right in front of her delivery bed.

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A moment of appreciation for our brother here, who has sacrificed everything for his wife’s happiness.



Fortunately, the husband’s efforts were not in vain, as his wife was successfully distracted and even giggled over his mini-performance. Now I don’t know about a lot of things, but giggling while giving birth to a little kid?

This couple’s amazing.

As it turned out, the hospital staff quickly recorded a video of the lovelorn husband in action, and the baby boy was safely delivered. According to reports, both Wang and his wife were “beyond excited” to welcome their new stage in life.

Well, all’s well that ends well, huh?

And guess what?

Upon viewing the video on Weibo, Netizens were, for lack of a better term;



Flocking to the comments section, Netizens were largely complimentary with statements like:

“He’s a sweet husband, and he’ll be a sweet dad too!”

“The pain level of labour is intensely high, so sweet of him to do this.”

Though of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a little wit in there.

“I was scared that his shoe would go flying at the mother’s face,” one joked.

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Well, that was an ‘euphoric’ episode alright.

Anyways, I just wanna present Wang with an unofficial ‘Husband Of The Year 2019’ award, because honestly…

You’re going to need huge dollops of love and passion to dance in an operating room, with surgeons and nurses serving as the audience.

Once again, kudos, Wang. As a Netizen mentioned…

You’ll surely be a great dad as well.