‘I Buy Your F*cking Property For $1.5 million’: Angry Man Slams Security Guard Over Condo Rules

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Lest you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past day or so, you might be aware of an angry man yelling at a condominium security guard.

This angry, angry man has since been identified as “Ramesh” and the altercation has made the rounds on the internet in the form of a video.

The less than sweet words uttered by him goes along the lines of, “I buy your f***ing property for $1.5million”.

Allegedly Paid $1.5million For Condo

PropertyGuru, an online realty company states that Eight Riversuites condo units are priced from $707K to $2.34million, so he probably did buy the property for 1.5 million bucks.

The argument allegedly took place at the Eight Riversuites condominium. So what exactly made the angry man so angry?

Well, it seems that the condo rules state that visitors must pay S$10 to use the car park.

According to Mothership, as Ramesh was expecting visitors for the Deepavali celebrations, this was going to be a problem.

But points go to the security guard for being calm throughout the process.

The security guard reiterated a few times that he was “just enforcing the rules”. Unfortunately, this did nothing to calm Ramesh down.

Ramesh then heatedly told his visitor to leave the car in the lobby and follow him. I’m guessing he was asking him go to his house with him.

He then tells the security guard, “You can do whatever you want to do, f*ck off,” and walks away.

The security guard told Ramesh that he would have to inform the condo management, to which he replied, “tell the management f*** off.”

How nice.

Another security guard then enters the pictures and says, “pay $10 and then you can go inside.”

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This unsurprisingly aggravates Ramesh more and he yells, “Visiting $10? We’re not staying in a HDB you know?”

Taught Security Guard What Is Deepavali

Ramesh also took the time to educate the security guard, because cultural education is important. He says, “This is Diwali weekend you know? There will be a lot of visitors visiting Indians.”

“You celebrate Chinese New Year right? I teach you okay?”

*points to himself* “I’m an Indian. I’m teaching you. Indians, people will visit.”

He tend gets into his visitor’s car and they drive into the carpark.

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Ramesh Clarifies His Side Of The Story; Said He Received 200 Threatening Calls

Ramesh had reportedly responded and explained his side of the story by commenting on a closed Facebook group by Eight Riversuites Resident Singapore and this is what it said:

The security was bullying my visitor and questioning what time they are going to leave.


In what capacity the security can decide on what time my visitor should leave. He was not allowing my visitor to enter when the time of entry was 10:30 pm and not even 11.

When I went down I asked the security to give me the receipt and I will deal with the management but he insisted to pay.

Again in what capacity he must ask me to pay when I myself dosnt (sic) know that time my visitor would leave.

The security was smart to take a video and share it in all social media forums. I have received more that (sic) 200 threatening calls since morning and they have also shared my unit number. I am threatned (sic) by the same security (sic) which (sic) are supposed to protect me.

There goes my Deepavali and thanks to this estate.


Netizens Might Be Committing The Offence Of Doxxing Ramesh

Unfortunately, the man’s personal phone number has made the rounds on the internet as it was spotted in the video that was circulated online.

Hardware forum users have also created a few discussion pages regarding the man, where he works and his contact details. He is believed to be working at an investment bank in Singapore.

A police report has since been made, and some netizens might have committed the offence of doxxing the man.