If a man really wants to be with you forever, he’ll exhibit these 10 signs

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Some girls might be wondering when is the time to broach the big “M” word because they don’t know if their boyfriend is ready for it.

However, it’s easier to look out for the times where he does these 10 things, as he is either clearly/subconsciously showing that you are important to him and he wants to stay this way forever! Try and see if your man is sending signals that he wants to be with you forever!

Your fights will never last more than a few days.
If you don’t show any signs of giving in, he will be the first to apologise. This is because he can’t even stand being apart from you for a few days or he doesn’t want to lose you.

He gives you nicknames.
Even if you dislike it sometimes, he still does it. It’s a unique way of showing affection for you, which nobody else can do.

He is available 24/7 for you.
He keeps his phone switched on at all times, and sets you as a priority contact so that his phone will ring even at 3am if you call.

He will never compare you to other women.
He thinks that you are the best, so any comparison is useless. He considers your feelings and will never try and make you feel inferior.

He will cancel things just for you.
He might be busy, but he will still make time for you, no matter how tough it is for him.

He will not try to control your diet
He thinks that your happiness and health is the most important. He won’t ask you to lose weight or avoid eating your favourite truffle fries.

He will remember the small things you said to him.
You might have forgotten it, but he will remember. If you casually mentioned that a shirt looked nice on him, he will wear it on the next important date.

He grabs your hand at the first sign of danger.
When you cross the road, he holds you close. If he hears a bicycle bell behind, he pulls you in front of him immediately.

He does things for you without telling you.
If you left your used tissue on your table, he clears it for you silently without grumbling. He doesn’t need to show off his love for you because he thinks that it’s enough to do these things to make your life easier.

He doesn’t get tired of reminding you to take care of yourself.
He asks if you have eaten and makes sure you don’t skip breakfast. Your health = his happiness.

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