If you have these 5 thoughts during work daily, you need to resign before you die working


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

It can be difficult to know when you should leave your job. How much stress is “too much” and how low should the pay be to be considered “underpaid”? When faced with unpleasant situations at the workplace, most people either convince themselves that it is not that bad, they try to improve the situation, or they simply accept it.

Did you know that there are signs which indicate that you should resign and move on? We’re not telling you to be rash, but if you have these 5 thoughts during work daily, then you should resign soon.

“Let me get back to bed”
Most people struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Heck, some people don’t even looked like they’ve left the Stone Age before their first cup of coffee. No problems with that. However, if you’re already at your work place doing whatever assignments you have, and you’re still thinking about your bed, then it’s a sign that you have no passion in your work. That feeling you had when you first started working there–thinking about all the possibilities and contributions ahead with a sense of glee—is gone. You are simply going through the motion and you should definitely find something, or somewhere, else to reignite that passion in you.

“Will I get my pay this month?”
If your boss is always handing you your paychecks late, it can be a sign of financial difficulties in the company. Now, it might be a short term thing, and the company might get back on track after a few adjustments. Or, it can be that the ship is sinking. If you sniff any suspicious whiffs of smoke then you should probably save yourself as soon as possible. Throw on that life jacket and jump ship. There’s no need to go down with your company.

“Where can I hide his/her body?”
If murderous thoughts enter your mind all the time, then it can be one of two possibilities. It’s either you are screwed up and you should go and lock yourself in a storeroom before you become a threat to public order or you can be a victim of bullying, sexual harassment or other egregious behavior. You can try to work out the problems you’re having with colleagues or your manager, but keep in mind that sometimes, the situation might be unsalvagable.

Is that blood in my poop?
This one is simple. If your work is causing you to experience physical changes, such as losing or gaining weight, experiencing excruciating body pain, anxiety attacks or constant feelings of melancholy, it’s time to reflect and consider other options. No work is more important than your health, whether physical or mental!

“I need to see my wife soon”
Why work so hard for a living when you don’t even have a life in the first place? You should ensure that you have proper work-life balance. When you find that you’re spending less time with your family because of work, or you cannot commit the necessary time to your job, you should consider looking elsewhere.

Top Image: Syaheir Azizan / Shutterstock.com