According to Some People, If You Talk To Stray Cats, Your Lost Pet Will Come Home

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What are some of the worst feelings in the world?

Is it finding out the mala stall near your workplace that you love has closed down? (That happened to us, sadly.)

Or maybe it’s discovering that your girlfriend left you for your best friend? Ouch.

For some, it is undeniably that feeling when you lose your pet, a dear family member of yours.

I have never been unfortunate enough to lose a pet, for I have never been fortunate enough to raise one.

When You Lose Your Best Friend

But if you have, you’d know the scary feeling of being worried if your pet is doing alright outside the safe comforts of your home, or if they’d ever find their way back to you.

You’d probably have searched your neighbourhood upside down, and stuck posters up everywhere in hopes that someone would have spotted them and contacted you. If you were lucky enough, they’d have returned to your side safely after that ordeal.

However, all might not be lost if you were still unable to find your lost pet – there’s apparently a new tried and tested, yet unconventional method that you can still go for if you’re really desperate.

Talk To Stray Cats

You know when your mum and aunties used to tell you not to cross a black cat’s path, for they are rumoured to be owned by witches and will bring harm and bad luck to you?


That’s probably not true, but perhaps these cats really have hidden powers in them.

Apparently, if you speak to stray cats about your predicament, your lost pet will return to you.



Sounds crazy, like witchcraft indeed, right?

But read on – it is a very, very real and proven method.


Lucky Charlie

Image: Twitter/charlie0816

One @charlie0816 on Twitter tweeted that his cat had not come home for two days after escaping, as translated by SoraNews24.

He then saw someone comment: “Talking to cats in the neighbourhood and saying to them, ‘If you see my cat, please tell it to come home’ is an effective technique.”

So like the desperate cat owner he was, Charlie decided it was worth a shot and went to the nearby convenience store to talk to the stray cats there on one night.

Lo and behold, his cat returned to the front of his house the next morning.



Charlie’s tweet quickly went viral, garnering a total of 72,000 retweets and more than 360 replies, leaving everyone baffled yet mystified about this method to find lost pets.

Does It Really Work?

You’re probably thinking aiya, this is bullshit – it might just be a coincidence.

That’s also what some of the responses to Charlie’s tweet said.




What’s even more mindblowing is that many other pet owners replied with a story of their own, sharing how they had also tried the same method which turned out to have worked.

Like, legit?

“I went looking for my cat with a tin of cat food and when a stray crossed my path, I fed and spoke to it and my cat returned within the hour,” someone replied.

Someone else was also shook to see a stray cat guide their cat back home: “Our cat disappeared on the day we moved into our new place and was missing for a week. I asked a stray for its help and the next day the stray came back with my cat. I was dumbfounded!”

Another pet owner also shared how a stray cat passed by their house when they lost their cat and after asking the stray if it knew where their cat was, it meowed and walked slowly towards the storehouse. When the stray stopped to meow in front of it, the owner’s cat actually meowed back from inside.

I’m frankly scared yet amazed at the same time.


How About Dogs?

If you’re actually a proud dog owner who was just reading this article to find out if it applies to dogs too, yes, it actually does, according to legend.

A dog owner also commented under Charlie’s tweet about how their dog was found by a cat: ”Our dog disappeared so I asked a pet cat to help find it, and then a few minutes later it came back with our dog. I was freaked out and impressed at the same time!”

These cats aren’t to be messed with, man – they can even track down missing dogs and not just animals of their own species.

Do Cats Really Understand Humans?

You must still be wondering, how is it even possible that stray cats are able to understand when owners are looking for their lost pets and are able to even find and guide the lost pets back home?

According to a study, cats are actually able to pick up on human facial expressions and understand the emotions behind it.


Perhaps when distressed pet owners ask these stray cats for help, the cats might be able to understand what they are asking about judging by the worried expressions on their faces.

We really don’t deserve cats :’)

Worth A Try

If your precious furball happens to go missing one day, this is one bizarre yet fascinating method you can try out without having to spend extra time and money printing posters and bestowing rewards.

Maybe one day too, your own cat will be guiding other lost cats back home to reunite with their owner.

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