If your boyfriend can answer these 10 questions about you, you can marry him already

Last Updated on 2017-07-30 , 2:41 pm

You have been with your boyfriend for the past, say, 3 to 5 years and you are starting to wonder if there will come a day the both of you will take the plunge together.

If the answer is yes, it may be a good idea to ask him the following 10 questions about you and see how well he answers them.

If he passes with flying colours, you know you have got yourself one in the bag.

What is my favourite food?
He needs to know this especially if you are a foodie! If you have 5 but he only gets 3, give it to him.

What pisses me off?
He has to know your peeves so as not to step on your toes, doesn’t he? So he should pass this with flying colours, if not you two shouldn’t have been together for so long.

What makes me happy?
Of course, the opposite is imminent. If he knows what pisses you off, he must know what makes you happy too. In fact, he should know what makes you happy more than anything else!

What is it about me you love?
This will show how much he knows you as a person. Besides your physical attributes, he should also be loving you for other things like the way you flare up so quickly, the way your anger is doused once he does something and whatnot.

What is my favourite past time?
What do you like to do in your free time? Does he know? Well, he should if he wants any chance of getting that ring onto your finger!

Which is my most loved <thing> in the world?
This is a very important question to me because he should know. If he doesn’t, something is wrong. Very wrong.

What kind of name will I give my dog?
If he can come up with a name that you have thought of before, you are in luck.

What kind of wedding will I want?
Possibly every girl’s favourite question. If the both of you are thinking about settling down, then he should know what kind of wedding you have in mind.

What is my favourite type of weather?
I love rainy weather when I’m comfortably stuck at home on my sofa watching the television and having a cup of hot drink in hand. My husband knows that and that’s why he’s my husband.

What kind of a traveller am I?
Are you an adventurer, a thrill-seeker or a safe traveller who prefers to go on group tours? This question is simple, yet it will mean so much to a travel-loving woman if you are one.

Now, when you’re free, go ask your boyfriend these ten questions. And to all boyfriends out there: you’d better share this with your fellow Bros.

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