If your boyfriend does these 6 things, he’s not serious about you despite him saying otherwise

Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:54 pm

People always say that women are suspicious creatures and always looking for problems that aren’t there. Well, ladies, sometimes, it might be your insecurities acting up, but at other times, it might just make your worst nightmare come true.

Here are 6 signs that your boyfriend isn’t really serious about you.

Something crops up all the time
Something often crops up for him on date nights and he wouldn’t answer your calls after backing out. Or he changes the plans with excuses, cutting the date short. It probably means that he’s not that into you and agreed to the date until something better came along. After some time, he may even give up finding excuses and simply tell you that he wishes to stay at home alone for the day.

In Facebook terms, it means the date with you is just an event he noted but can back out of for no good reason. He simply doesn’t care.

Close interactions with other girls
While Facebook relationship status isn’t everything, he often posts photos in which he is close to other girls. In this case, you are just a spare tyre kept under wraps while he makes himself appear available on social media. In worse scenarios, you may find him bringing another girl as his date for social gatherings.

Distant body language
You don’t actually have to be putting your affections on display publicly, but take note the next time you are getting seated. If he moves away from you or choose to sit with others, it shows that he is not into you and isn’t interested to bring the relationship to the next level. Also take note of how you walk when you’re out together – he is not the right guy if he walks ahead without ever turning back to check on you.

Refusal to discuss the future
As cliché as it might seem, people in love tend to see themselves spending the rest of their lives together. Occasionally the topics of buying HDB flat, financial planning, lifestyle habits and wedding should come up in conversations. If you notice that he is reluctant to talk about the future, he probably doesn’t see you as his lifelong partner (yet) and isn’t ready to commit to you.

Drawing the social boundary
Drawing the social boundary is a sign that he isn’t ready to be part of your life especially if he has an outgoing personality. He would give all kinds of excuses in order not to bring you to his gatherings and he doesn’t want to meet your friends either. If you realize that he still excludes you from family gatherings after extended period of dating, it’s probably a good reason to move on.

Fighting is always his free time
Every couple has its own fights. Some people prefer direct confrontation, others would not talk for long periods of time. But if the guy simply walks away from a fight and moves on with his life, you probably don’t mean that much to him. As a saying goes, a friend who chooses to leave and never return is one that isn’t worth your time. And in this case, love.