If you’re comfortable talking about these topics with your partner, can get married already

Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:32 am

When a couple has been together for awhile, there will be many things you learn about and from each other and that includes how well both parties take to certain topics being discussed. That said, if you are so comfortable discussing the following topics with your partner, the both of you can start planning for your wedding anytime now.

Topmost topic on every couple’s lips but how many actually dare to say it as it is? If you can be comfortable talking about various ideas and intimate details with your partner, you are ready for marriage.

A family
If the two of you can openly and very candidly discuss about a family together, guess what? You guys are all set to go.

Money can make the world go round, and it can also break apart relationships. That’s why if the both of you can talk about personal financial stuff to each other, it’s time to bring out the rings.

Bodily functions
This is deemed as disgusting on so many levels amongst newly dating couples so if you and your man/woman can talk about this and be totally cool with it, the Registry of Marriages is waiting with its doors wide open.

Children’s names
This does not require much explanation does it? However, this has got nothing to do with what names the both of you prefer individually, more of the idea of having kids together. If the both of you are perfectly fine with the idea and don’t feel a tinge of awkwardness, then you know how it’s fated.

If the both of you can walk past a bridal store and have no qualms about checking it out and having a discussion about the best wedding venues, gowns and favours with each other without breaking into a sweat, you are almost there.

Your own home
Having an open discussion about the type of home you will like to get together? You might want to consider talking about which hotel you will want to hold your impending wedding at too.

Goals and aspirations
This may sound like a small thing but if you find yourself deep in conversation with your partner on where you see yourself in the next 5 years and both your goals include each other in them, maybe it’s time to set the calendar for the big day.

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