IKEA Apologises For Providing ‘Poor Support’ To Customer Whose 2YO Tempered Glass Cabinet Shattered Suddenly

I don’t know about your first experience with IKEA, but I first got to know about IKEA when my friends jioed me there to have chicken wings and meatballs.

Being the dumb kid I was, I didn’t check that IKEA was primarily a furniture brand. So before that, I had this impression that IKEA was a restaurant in some ulu location. We’d always talk about going to IKEA for the meatballs.

Then there’d be complains about how far it is or that there’s nothing else around IKEA after that.

And all these different times, while talking about IKEA, nobody had mentioned furniture.

So none of my friends need to know this, but when I first saw IKEA, I was genuinely in shock like holy shit, why is this restaurant the entire building and 3 storeys high.

My point is, even up till today, my primary reason for going to IKEA is the meatballs and chicken wings.

Image: me.me

And I’m not saying that IKEA furniture is bad or that IKEA might be a better restaurant than furniture brand (a debatable topic since people queue for limited edition IKEA furniture), but sometimes people get unlucky and shit happens.

Like just last week, IKEA also had another safety issue with their travel mug failing safety tests.

And now…

IKEA Glass Cabinet Suddenly Crack For No Reason

Stomper Veron bought a glass cabinet from IKEA two years ago. One of those sweet FABRIKÖR ones.

Image: IKEA

And you know how two-year-olds can just start crying for no apparent reason?

This two-year-old cabinet here had decided to just break for no reason. According to Veron, she returned home at about 2.45 pm on 14 Jan 2020 and then heard a loud sound of glass cracking.

At this point, she thought a charger exploded or something heavy dropped. To her horror, it was the IKEA cabinet that just cracked by itself.

Image: Stomp

Yes. The glass is still attached to the door frame. Bits of glasses had flown everywhere, but most of the glass is still attached.

Like a baby that wouldn’t stop crying, Veron said, “I could still hear the glass cracking sound for hours until about 8 to 9pm.”

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And there doesn’t seem to be any reason why the glass cracked.

“I don’t think it cracked because of the wind as the cabinet was placed in the dining room, away from the window.”

She Called IKEA But No Response

She called the IKEA hotline immediately, but even after 20 minutes, no one answered her call.

She also tried messaging on Facebook to no avail.

All she could do was wear slippers and laid newspaper around the cabinet, afraid that the shattered glass panel would fall off anytime.

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On 20 Jan, she called her town council to help get rid of the cabinet.

IKEA Responded Later

Replying to a Stomp enquiry, Corinna Schuler, head of corporate communication at IKEA, finally replied later.


“IKEA Tampines has been in direct contact with the customer to offer a full refund and apologise for our failure to provide fast support following her bad experience with an IKEA cabinet.”

They are also “really sorry that the service agent she contacted at our store did not offer full support.” Their “Customer Relations Manager has invited the customer to come to our store for a personal meeting to see how we can improve.”

As for why the glass just suddenly cracked, she gave the explanation, “Tempered glass is used in the FABRIKOR glass cabinets and most other glass household products because it does not break into uneven shards.

“However, nicks and scratches could compromise the glass and those nicks may eventually lead the tempered glass to shatter unexpectedly into small pieces. (As it did in this case.)”

Hold on a second, so you’re saying a small scratch can just suddenly cause the whole glass to just shatter?

Image: Giphy

I’m not buying that explanation, so I’m just going to say that it’s ghosts.

You know how IKEA has that maze and you have no idea how anybody ever gets out? What you never realised was that IKEA “employees” were never official employees. They were just people who got lost in the store and took the place as their home.

Image: Tumblr

So this IKEA glass shattering? That’s just the spirit of an “employee” who died peacefully in IKEA attaching him/herself to the cabinet. Two years after being outside the spirit realised he/she was free and shattered the glass to escape.


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