IKEA Will Be Opening a 3-Storey Store with a Restaurant Within JEM in 2021


For thousands of years, people living in the far west of Singapore have often thought that IKEA is nothing but a myth.

They even call it the way ang mos call it: eye-kia.

But come 2021, when the world has recovered from some nasty virus, people in the west would finally understand why some people have gone crazy over meatballs.

Because IKEA is coming to JEM.

IKEA Will Be Opening a 3-Storey Store with a Restaurant Within JEM in 2021

In case you didn’t know, JEM is one of the few thousand malls located just beside Jurong East MRT Station.

It made the news last week when it was revealed that its anchor tenant, Robinsons, is going to move out by the end of August because it has become “unsustainable”—even before COVID-19 came in to wreak havoc on businesses.

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With it taking up 85,000 sqft in the mall, one wonders what retailer would be taking over. A major Gong Cha outlet that sells chicken wings?

Today, we get the answer.

IKEA, the giant fast-food restaurant that happens to sell furniture too, is taking over part of the space (about 70,000 sqft of it), and will open a “small-store” concept.

It’s considered small because its other two outlets are buildings by themselves and they’re so bigly, everyone has been lost in their premises before.

This is something new to the giant Swedish F&B chain. The IKEA retailer director for Singapore and Vietnam said, “This will be the first time we are establishing a smaller Ikea store format as a tenant within a shopping centre in this region.”


Unlike its bigger brothers in Tampines and Alexandra, it will not have a children’s playground, but thankfully, there’d be a restaurant.

The director added, “It will be easier than ever for people to just pop in for some inspiration, home furnishing products and, of course, our Swedish meatballs.”

It’s unknown exactly when the store will be open.

In the meantime, IKEA in Tampines and Alexandra remain closed due to the Circuit Breaker measures, and so far, they’ve not mentioned when they’re reopening.

Last month, the Swedish eatery also revealed their recipe for their meatballs so that we can still have a taste of IKEA even when we’re stuck at home:

And by the way, do you know that everyone’s eyes is now on Sweden, not because of IKEA but because it’s the only country that’s working on herd immunity for COVID-19 now?

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