These Images of How Superheroes Have Changed Are Rather Scary

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When we talk about superheroes, all we think about is how cool and sleek they look on the big screen. However, this is definitely not how they look like in the past. Their past pictures will probably shock you or give you a good laugh.

Their past pictures will probably shock you or give you a good laugh. Now you know why superhero movies didn’t take the world by storm in the past!


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We have always known that Superman wears his underwear on the outside but this picture from 1948 still amuses us due to how comical he looks with that oversized underwear and that awkward pose.


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The Thor we know of today is strong and steady but the Thor from 1978 looked a little feminine and probably comical with those furs and threads!


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It is incredible how the hulk from 1978 even had green hair and looked a little stout as compared to the hulk from 2012. In fact, anyone can be the old hulk as long as he’s willing to dye his entire body, including da hair, green.

Fantastic Four

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I have to say that the Fantastic Four in 1994 looked like a family photo gone wrong which is rather cute while the one in 2015 had the very serious and ready-to-fight look.

Wonder Woman

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The Wonder Woman of 1975 certainly looked more kiddy with her red and blue cloth outfit, like it was designed by a bored student in a fashion school, whereas the outfit of Wonder Woman of 2016 resembles armours worn in ancient Greece and Rome.

Doctor Strange

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Somehow, these two look a little alike and even the costumes with a red cloak. The only three differences? Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Iron Man

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To be honest, the Iron Man in 1977 simply looked like an alien and thank you to whoever created the red metallic costume for the Iron Man in 2008. In fact, anyone can be an Iron in 1977 by putting a rubbish bin on top of himself. What were they thinking?


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It is funny how the Joker from 1966 painted his moustache white because he was unwilling to shave it but I must say both Jokers look really fitting for the role.


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Is this what happened when Robocop decided to go for a diet? Or when the producers confused Robocop with Cyclops?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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You either go for the cute look or the manly look. I’ll still prefer the cute ones!

The flash

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It seems like superheroes from the past always look a little friendlier while the new ones always go for the really sleek and cool look. Same goes for The Flash.

Nick Fury

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The one from 2012 looks a little tougher and more ready to fight. The one from 1998 looks like a form teacher who’s hard on the outside, and soft in the inside. #justsaying

Or maybe…he’s just a shape-shifter? #OMG

The Punisher

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Left = an MV or poster from the 80s. Right: The Punisher going to punish his predecessor for being a poster boy instead of a hero.



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The Spiderman from 1977 will probably give nightmares to people rather than impress people, because of his legs. It’s skinny jeans pants!


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The Batman outfit from 1943 looked like a pyjama or simply Halloween costume gone wrong.

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