In 2015, a Girl Played with a Ouija Board App & Allegedly Got ‘Possessed’


Last Updated on 2023-05-15 , 11:00 am

As we grew up, we were taught a lot of things, and the notion that ghosts aren’t real was one of them.

Yet sometimes we just can’t help but feel that we are not alone in this world, and I’m not talking about aliens. Remember those times when you felt a weird tingle while alone in the shower room? Or when you heard weird noises coming from inanimate places? Yeah, that.

You could argue that it’s our minds playing tricks on us, but then again; every argument has two sides to it. What if the side we think is correct, isn’t correct?

And if you think I’m absolutely barking right now, just check the entirety of this article out.

And tell me whether you’re really sure that…

They don’t exist.

Possessed by the devil

In 2015, shocking footage of a young girl, who apparently got possessed after playing with an Ouija board using a mobile phone app, was released on Youtube.

In the video, medics can be seen restraining the young girl, who was experiencing violent bouts of convulsions and spasms and repeatedly shouting demonic terms like ‘666’.

She also kept yelling ‘let me go’, ‘please give me my phone’ and ‘Ma, these doctors don’t know what they’re doing, take me home.”

All the yells were emitted in deep, weird tones that just don’t seem to resonate from a normal young girl.

Those who witnessed the incident said that her personality seemed to change and that she started speaking in a different voice as she reportedly “lost control of her body”. Medics on site also confirmed that the woman was “extremely strong” and it was difficult to control her.

Ouija Board

The young woman, identified as 18-year-old Patricia Quispe, from Chosica, in the Lima province of Peru, was believed to have been possessed by evil spirits after “using a mobile phone version of the board game”.

According to friends, who spoke to local media, Patricia has been spending time with them over the weekend, when they decided to have fun and try communicating with the spirit world.

However, things soon went south when she went home feeling unwell. Her parents called an ambulance when they saw her “convulsing and foaming around the mouth”.


Initially suspecting that their daughter had been dabbling with drugs or something strange, they soon contacted her friends, who told them about the ouija board.

Those who witnessed the convulsing incident had no doubt that “she had been possessed by satanic spirits”.

Patricia was subsequently posted to a psychiatric ward for further observations.